Barcelona vs Elche | LALIGA HIGHLIGHTS | 2/24/2021 | beIN SPORTS USA

Barcelona vs Elche | LALIGA HIGHLIGHTS | 2/24/2021 | beIN SPORTS USA

Lionel Messi had a hand in all three goals as Barcelona cruised past Elche to fuel hope they can reel in LaLiga leaders Atletico Madrid.
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105 Responses

  1. Barcelona Golden state says:

    Braithwate went from being completely useless in the first half to having 2 assists lmao

  2. Barcelona Golden state says:

    Messi is back were he belongs on top of the scoring charts

  3. La Barca says:

    You know elech is bad when they can’t score against us….

  4. EDP445's Dick and Balls says:

    Messi, once again showing his class.

  5. vardrid always wins says:

    The fact that Alba is scoring more goals than flopsensio and vinishit

  6. X says:

    Lenglet- taken out
    Barcelona- get a clean sheet
    Well done Koeman

  7. Littlemugger5 says:

    Messi’s composure for that second goal is insane

    • Tommy Wiseau says:

      If anyone else tried what he tried, they would have either failed to execute and be criticized for trying, or they wouldn’t have considered taking 4 more touches… rounding 2 players… and chipping the goalkeeper on the near post…

    • mahi zen says:

      @John Thouin one touch takes space messi was being barricaded from all sides trying to shoot right away from panic woulda caused the goalie to easily take it out of the air. Like I said he was being barricaded so he could only really hit the ball right in front of him. Any other striker in the world misses that

    • Tyler Arias says:

      @Tommy Wiseau yo that was well said man.

    • Kongloshaa says:

      Messi being Messi

    • speedracer55 says:

      @Matthew With a ball coming in hot like that, 99% of strikers wouldn’t be able to take a touch to control it

  8. Pranav Ravula says:

    They ran the exact same play with braithwaite to alba, as they did against Granada with Griezmann and alba

  9. Angel Cantarero says:

    the fact that jordi alba has more goals than hazard 😫

  10. Jj Louis says:

    “Touch So delicate he can shave a mouse in his sleep”- Ray Hudson 2021 😂

  11. Kunal Bakre says:

    Ray Hudson’s wife is disappointed with him in the night because he always reaches climax while watching Messi play.

  12. Ben Griswold says:

    I don’t really care, elche are one of the worst teams in the league, people gotta stop hyping up barca when we beat small teams, we only have one win against a big team and that was 2-0 juventus

    • Visça El Barça says:

      @WienerTheWinner when juve beat us 3-0

    • Visça El Barça says:

      @Dildar Alikhel fati trash? Ok I was taking you serious until that…

    • Visça El Barça says:

      @X Death what? Laliga is competing for the league rn, look at the table. Also your bad grammar is throwing me off ok what you said so make your comment again.

    • Dildar Alikhel says:

      @Visça El Barça we beat lyon 2-1 at least not 2-8 or 4-1 and juve trashed baeca 3-0

    • X Death says:

      @Visça El Barça Barca,Madrid and Atletico pay their players a significant higher salary than the other la liga teams. So to say they have injuries is like saying that they don’t have quality players. When that’s a complete lie. The true is as longer as Zidane and Koeman stay as managers la ligas level is going down the hill. Unless teams like Sevilla or Valencia stand up and take the challenge of becoming significantly better competitively in such a short time.

  13. thomas lee says:

    Messi is so good we take him for granted the passes.. the amazing goals dancing through defenders; there is NO ONE like him. He creates so many chances.

    • Zzyzx 0 says:

      @Luis Sandoval He creates once in a lifetime chances every game. He just has Griezmann and Braithewaite on the end of them. One game they’ll score double hat tricks, the next they’ll waste 5 goals. Both games Messi shines.

    • Jorge Rodriguez says:

      Lmao where was all that vs PSG??? 😂😂😂😂

    • Eric Fuentes says:

      @Jorge Rodriguez he does it all the time. His expectations are too high and that’s what it’s like being the GOAT. it’s okay man keep hating him

    • ice cube says:

      @Eric Fuentes he ain’t hating he speaking facts yall acting like y’all went up against idk prime German team today

    • Damola Akinade says:

      @Eric Fuentes Lol Ronaldo is better

  14. FBI — Federal Bureau of Investigation says:

    I love how Ray Hudson calls Martin Braithwaite, Lord Braithwaite

  15. Christian Leon says:

    “That’s a brilliant return from lord braithwate” lmao

  16. TimelessRelic4 says:

    bruh i swear trincao always does these golden runs and in the end his hand is on his head and hes on the ground

  17. Jorge Alejandre says:

    I’m not surprised Griezman didn’t score those 2 chances

  18. kei says:

    Today’s highlight: “Messi is just being MESSI.”

  19. Mappy _ says:

    Griezmann knows how to position himself and everything just needs to sharpen his finishes.

  20. GamingDuDe 010 says:

    “Stuck to the ball like a teenager to his phone” 💀💀

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