Barcelona vs. Inter Milan: Extended Highlights | UCL Group Stage MD 4 | CBS Sports Golazo

Barcelona vs. Inter Milan: Extended Highlights | UCL Group Stage MD 4 | CBS Sports Golazo

A 1-0 victory at the San Siro earned Inter second place in the Group C. Barcelona will hope their dynamic attack rebounds in their return to the Camp Nou.

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51 Responses

  1. Hello says:

    Okay someone HAS to talk about that chance at the end. Inter could have won if he had just squared the ball. Crazy chance Crazy game

  2. Iam Champ says:

    Ter Stegen stays underrated. Saved Barca a lot of times.

  3. Khotul says:

    Watched the full game. Most people give Pedri all the credit but Gavi was absolutely incredible this game. He saved Barca so many times defensively. And was great going forward.

    • Kamren Flytrap says:

      @TheArmy Even Eric Garcia alone would have gone better, for goodness sakes. Pique is on Semedo levels of bad right now

    • TheArmy says:

      @Kamren Flytrap you do know our defense is injured? he HAS to start 😂 otherwise he is in bench for the season, Xavi has told him and Pique said he was fine with it, thats why previously u dont see him mad when he was on the bench

    • Very very honest pendu fan says:

      Lmao, Ter stegen deserves the most credit.

    • Frederick Chilton says:

      @Khotul it was definitely Pedri lol. Gavi was good and he made some notable interceptions especially that block vs Dzeko but lost the ball that led to a couple of counters as well.

  4. J-bear says:

    Lautaro single-handedly rocked Barca’s entire defense

  5. Daniel says:

    I hope this match gave Pique the reality check he needed to understand why he’s been warming the bench so hard.

    • TheArmy says:

      @Jonathan Blanco a true barca fan would know the injuries we have on the team… yes Araujo isnt injured maybe he could start over him? maybe kounde? Christensen? oooooh right

    • TheArmy says:

      are you serious? Pique accepted and is good with staying at the bench. xavi told him he isn’t a starter for this season…. but you do KNOW MOST OF THE DEFENSE IS INJURED 😂 Xavi had to pull him cause who else is gonna play.

    • Carlos Huezo says:

      Thank you! You couldn’t have said it any better dude

    • Abraar Jamaluddin says:

      @Iam Champ and yeah ur right I’m exaggerating, it wasn’t brilliant. But I don’t think anyone expected us to play at the level we did after 2 lifeless displays against Inter and Celta.

    • Abraar Jamaluddin says:

      @Iam Champ cmon dude yk if we had Kounde Araujo and Christensen we would’ve won this game lol

  6. JayCFC says:

    What an amazing match man, but Barca really have to plan and get rid of Pique and Busquets, nearly made them lose

  7. David Gonzalez says:

    I actually watch this whole game and even do I’m not a fan of either team, this match was incredibly awesome 👏👏👏
    I love games like this, football is the greatest sport in the world 🌎🙌

    • Luis Cordero says:

      Im barca fan and i hated this just for the fact that all the goals they scored were stupid mistakes

    • Italo Gabriele says:

      Excellent Match. So much passion and professionalism..❤👏👏👏

    • Rohan George says:

      @Jean Janky ?????? well in the highlights pedri and raphina did ok, but i didnt watch the match so maybe u right. dembele keeps shooting far shots which is of no use. only good thing he did was score that goal.

    • J Cesar says:

      @Jean Janky nah buddy this is on the defense no matter how much they messed up the defense is reliable and responsible if they score that is the whole point of being a defender to make sure that those who messed up up the field dont cause the opponents to get close to the goal .

  8. Zd The Killa says:

    It’s crazy that Robert Lewandowski almost single handily brought them back from the depths of nothing

    • Pulisic the GOAT says:

      Imagine if he was still playing for Bayern. Would have been another 8-2 loss for Barca 😂. But it’s alright. Bayern is doing just fine without him. Good luck in Europa League VARcelona😢

    • Santo Roy says:

      Imagine they end up winning the champions league

    • BIG says:

      @Jay lucas exactly, he wasn’t receiving much passes, but he was going back and defending and contributing.

    • Rodrigo Galindo says:

      @TheG man Let’s pretend you’re right… AND??? He scored twice I really don’t see your point on just hating for no reason 😂

    • Matchbox36 says:

      This speaks more to Barcas identity. Lew pretty much doing what Messi was doing during his last years at Barca

  9. Dirty Dan says:

    Inter vs Barca is always a great game historically. Was on the edge of my seat that last 20 mins there

    • Johann Aries says:

      @Croatian Kid we played inter milan without our best cbs but yes be in denial

    • Nathan 22 says:

      @Wintergreen man said “Victoria’s Secret” 😭😭

    • Rohan George says:

      @Croatian Kid well i hope barcelona win europa league, thats the only way they gonna make up for this ucl failure this season. they also got domestic trophies. they gotta make up for not making it to ucl round of 16 with this squad. coulda been bayern and barca not bayern and inter but it is what it is i aint surprised barca been throwing hard recently

  10. RAYÁNO says:

    I swear ive never felt so many different emotions the last 10 minutes of the game 😵‍💫 big thanks to Ter Spiderman for preventing me from a heart attack

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