Barcelona vs. Man. United: Extended Highlights | UEL Play-off 1st Leg | CBS Sports Golazo

Barcelona vs. Man. United: Extended Highlights | UEL Play-off 1st Leg | CBS Sports Golazo

Barcelona is back to their best under Xavi with a new golden generation, while Rashford and Manchester United look to take another big step back to glory.

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45 Responses

  1. Devin Pruitt says:

    What a game. The second half especially, both teams just ran at the other’s defense. Incredible enthusiasm and desire. If United were more clinical, they could have wrapped up the tie tonight.

  2. ELemonator says:

    I love the narrative of Varane and Casemiro playing against Barca representing a new team. Makes it even more tense.

  3. Random Annoying Guy says:

    These two teams went from playing each other in champions league final to Europa league

  4. Anonymous says:

    Rashfords playing so damn good. Coulda had a couple goals but some nice saves from the keeper.

    • WeSpiced Memes says:

      Best player itw idc

    • joe weah says:

      @SCPython I’m here saying the same thing, #XAVI is an average coach, and he’s just confused 😐 with this club knowing how rashford is fast why did he started ALBA instead of BALDI

    • SCPython says:

      Correct. Why did Barca change the backline that has been working so well, Alenso and Alba instead of Andreas Christensen and Alejandro Balde? The first goal came from the pass between Alenso and Alba.

    • carterjmd says:

      @BMAN that’s because he’s mid

    • sec0ndton0ne408 says:

      Rashy didn’t have his best game today. He left chances out there and assists too. Someone show Rashy out to put air under the ball, he always shoots low when he needs to shoot high.. gets very fortunate. He could be so much better

  5. ElloGovna says:

    When a Europa League match has been more exciting than any UCL match this season.

  6. Warrior J93 says:

    This was just a fantastic game to watch

  7. Sid da Sloth says:

    Watched this game live, it was 100% from start to finish, honestly it was anyone’s game. Rashford’s goal spectacular, unfortunate for Kounde today but he was stumbling around the whole game, and man Raphina is insane he had some chances himself. Wish Barca was more oriented towards moving the ball towards Lewandowski, it might make the play and offensive attack much more dynamic and space. Can’t wait for the second match!

  8. L Dope says:

    That 1on1 save from Ter Stegen is absolutely phenomenal. De Gea showing why he’s world class, MOTM

  9. Shane says:

    Outstanding performance by de Gea to keep United level.

  10. Jeff says:

    Great game from both sides. Two sides that are both in great forms and these sides didn’t disappoint

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