Barcelona vs. Napoli: Extended Highlights | UEL | Round of 16 – Leg 1 | CBS Sports Golazo – Europe

Barcelona vs. Napoli: Extended Highlights | UEL | Round of 16 – Leg 1 | CBS Sports Golazo – Europe

Barcelona hopes their transfer window additions will ready them for a Europa League run, but Serie A title challengers Napoli may be favored to proceed.

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50 Responses

  1. Luis Garcia says:

    Ferran!!! Those opportunities need to be finished. This is were clinical finishers are needed. 4-1 easily if those opportunities were converted. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  2. El Barca says:

    Ferran needs to work on finishing. He missed great chances.

    • Gera Guti says:

      He makes the offense y’all need tho! Creates chances bc he’s really good. Once he gets the finishing with it, game over! 💯

    • James Crawford says:

      @Ødegåård 21 did you even watch the match? Napoli only had 4 shots. Yea we conceded a goal but look at how we dominated the game. I saw this game as a big win. Also you can’t call the ATM win lucky. ATM are going down the drain. This game could’ve easily ended 4-1. I’m happy with our performance, but not with the score.

    • Jay lucas says:

      I hope the coaches help specialize training for his finishing under pressure …it can be trained

    • Tennischamp450 says:

      Was that Ferran that missed in the 27th min? That was a shocking miss

    • isaac luna says:

      @Adam watara Adam torres needs to go he is trash and yes bring Koeman back !!!!

  3. Lynix says:

    im happy about the new signings, but this defense needs change

  4. Taha says:

    We played great… but we can’t finish and when it comes to the opposing team attacking… we can’t defend.

  5. StarWars Jedi000 says:

    When luuk de yong finally scores his bike cycle kick I go buy his shirt

  6. James Tapia says:

    Luuk, Adama and Auba or Gavi need to be our front line next game.

  7. Jake says:

    For those of you wondering why Ferran missed so many chances, it is because he is missing the Barcelona badge

    • pat says:

      @HeavenXunity 2eZ why didn’t you win it then you stupid madrid sped lost 3-1 and now you’re crying your butt off and funny enough you weren’t even alive to see what Madrid won before the 2000s you glory chaser 🤡🤡🤡🤣 lol why ain’t madrid win the champions league if we had a easy route then please give me more excuses

    • kevin ramirez says:

      @Ødegåård 21 you have an account dedicated to a player.. and your whole stint is all about Barcelona. You’re a bum 💀

    • Royli Ceballos says:

      @HeavenXunity 2eZ stick to crash royale bro u don’t know shit about football😂😂😂😂

    • Metalpazallteway says:

      Maybe he’s missing the badge with the initials Pep Guardiola…

    • Metalpazallteway says:

      What in the world is that supposed to mean??

  8. Adam Parkhurst says:

    Barça actually had a really good game, regardless of the tie. Progress is being made! Let’s go Barcelona!!

  9. JustYourAverageSam says:

    The dad bringing his baby to a Barca game at 5:43 is big boss move.

  10. Akib Fardin says:

    De Jong is literally standing there for the first goal. he was so close too, he could’ve helped Pique to clear the ball or at least contest the shot and make it more difficult to score. Xavi needs to drop Busquets and play De Jong more so he could have enough experience to know what to do during times like this. could’ve had a close 1-0 win.

    • Bespin Guard says:

      If you find a few of the goals last season barca conceded you could be able to spot de jong just standing there watching when he is fairly close

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