Barcelona vs. Paris Saint-Germain: Extended Highlights | UCL on CBS Sports

Barcelona vs. Paris Saint-Germain: Extended Highlights | UCL on CBS Sports

Extended Highlights presented by Heineken

Mbappe and PSG power past Messi and Barcelona 4-1 in the first leg of the UEFA Champions League Round of 16. Mbappe had one of his best performances of his career notching a hat trick. He opened his day with a goal in the 32’ to tie at one and added two more in the 65’ and 85’. Moise Kean found the back of the net in the 70’ to help solidify the win. Messi opened the scoring in the 27’ by way of the penalty spot but that would be all the Spanish side could muster.

Next up will be the second leg back in Paris, France and Barcelona has an uphill battle in front of them.

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89 Responses

  1. SodaPlayZ says:

    Barca – get a non existent penalty
    Psg- So u have chosen Death…

  2. ESCOBAR YT says:

    Mbappe 🔥

    • Tryst Metal says:

      Barcelona fans told me Griezmann was better but i couldn”t find any of them after the game though.

    • Young Choppah says:

      Can I get to 700 subs for no reason???

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    • S.O.S says:


  3. Soggy Bread says:

    I can’t believe Kean was considered a flop in Everton but here he is playing along side world class players, and scoring against Barcelona

  4. CORAZON says:

    imagine with neymar.

  5. Keiton Vardy says:

    Mbappe literally did whatever he wanted. He seemed like a college kid amongst middle schoolers.

  6. Nycmatrixx 23 says:

    Bro someone send pique to the bench he clearly is old asf

  7. Dylan V says:

    Imagine if Barca didn’t have Ter Stegen 😬

  8. mRwoRds2148 says:

    Mbappe’s 1st goal was just like the one he scored against Argentina when France knocked them out

  9. Chad The African Bullfrog says:

    there’s nothing i love seeing more than mauricio pochettino winning

  10. ALL DAY says:

    Why does Barca looks so weak when ever the opponent attacking??? Leaving huge gap and there only 2-3 players in the back but PSG has 4 defenders along with 4 midfielder waiting for them at the box.

  11. Sami says:

    Barca hiring Koeman shows that they’re going down a dark path.

  12. Walter Fernandes says:

    No passion, no pressure, no blood, no Jersey, no nothing, PSG should’ve scored 6 at least if it wasn’t for ter stegen

    • Ayanleh5254 Ahmed says:

      @Glory Be To God Amen was this a copy and past well done . People don’t want to like to listen to Jesus loves you.

    • Antwan Aguilera says:

      Sounds like the simeon ngl

    • Diego Escamilla says:

      @stay in school kids stay in school ? He’s a striker scored a penalty and set his teammates for three goals that’s more than enough for an average striker I’m not a Messi FanBoy or Ronaldo fanboy but you guys expect them to score hat tricks every game scoring once and setting up a couple goals is amazing

    • stay in school kids stay in school says:

      @Diego Escamilla he did not set up three clear chances. the only clear chance i saw was dembeles and griezmanns. griezmanns didnt even come from messi so your wrong. and scoring a penalty that wasnt even a foul doesnt make you good. he was a ghost that game but you cant admit it. so was ronaldo a ghost vs porto. im not bias im just telling the truth.

  13. who is't loves burb'rry shouldst wend to heaven says:

    Draxler really knew what he was doing, first by taking his time then driving towards goal to draw out the RB and then put it in a platter for Mbappe. Genius! and that finish oh my word!!

    • TheLordoftheRavens says:

      @Jasper Seen Schalke was one of the top teams in Germany back then though. They qualified for the Champions League regularly back when Draxler still played for them. People seem to forget that Schalke back then was probably better than Mönchengladbach is now, meaning they were certainly a strong team.

    • CrypticProdigy says:

      Yeah bruh fr Draxler doesn’t get much recognition but he has a place in my favorite player list🙂

    • Mario Lisa says:

      @Perrocafe stop begging for subs that shit is so cringe

    • Mario Lisa says:

      @Young Choppah stop begging for subs that shit is so cringe

    • Mario Lisa says:

      @who is’t loves burb’rry shouldst wend to heaven that was not top bins lad lool. Great goal but top bins is top corner of goal

  14. ARS88 says:

    Let’s take a second to appreciate the great job Verratti and Paredes did in the midfield, getting the ball back, dribbling, and passing. Underrated midfield duo.

  15. Dolores Atz says:

    De Jong tripping himself wasn’t a penalty but later in the game there was a handball from PSG in their box which was supposed to be a penalty but I think the ref figured the last penalty (which wasn’t one) would makeup for the real penalty.

  16. BigTimeGurter says:

    Barcelona scored a penalty .
    Psg: “ and I took that personally “

  17. Useless Garbage says:

    People watching this be like:
    -Not on fullscreen
    -scrolling through the comments
    – on your bed or couch

  18. Growth Mindset says:

    To whomever is scrolling: sending you good vibes for the rest of the day or night. Thank you for reading!

  19. Anagpesis II- says:

    Barca’s defending is a perfect example of social distancing

  20. VICTORINO 7 says:

    Mbappe is living the dream. He’s young and already has a WC on his belt and is destroying his stats, at this rate he’ll be one of the GOATs

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