Barcelona vs. Real Madrid Highlights: EXTRA TIME winner! | Spanish Super Cup | ESPN FC

Barcelona vs. Real Madrid Highlights: EXTRA TIME winner! | Spanish Super Cup | ESPN FC

In a Clasico played in Saudi Arabia, Barcelona and Real Madrid battle it out for the right to play in the Spanish Super Cup final. Vinicius Junior opens the scoring for Real Madrid, while Luuk de Jong equalizes shortly before halftime. Karim Benzema and Ansu Fati trade goals in the second half, only for Real Madrid to win it in extra time at the boot of Federico Valverde. Real Madrid will play either Atletico Madrid or Athletic Bilbao for the Spanish Super Cup trophy on Sunday.

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55 Responses

  1. syny76 says:

    Incredible game loved every bit of it and Barcelona played very good despite losing.

  2. ManuelBaut104 says:

    Although Barcelona didn’t win
    They played with heart
    Didn’t expect it to be this close but well played Barca 👏

  3. Ziyad Karim says:

    This was a wonderful game. Barcelona played well actually. I knew they would put on a fight, but not like this. Those young players have a bright future ahead of them. Vini was incredible as well as Benzema who was the linking point for the entire team.
    Dembele have it all except health and finishing, and you can add brains to that

    • Raver1601 says:

      @slappagon isn’t he already is by Barca fans?

    • Ziyad Karim says:

      @slappagon There were multiple chances to pass the ball the simple way. But he decided to dribble past 4 or 5 players and failed. Don’t get me wrong, he made some exceptional passes in the game, but when it came to decision making he fell short in multiple occasions. Add to that his finishing

    • Abel Garcia says:

      I was sure they were putting up a Fight, they had nothing to lose bc its the closest they were to a title in a very tough season! Madrid did enough to beat them

    • Tarkan Ocal says:

      @Ray Shellz I wish I was but you were wrong and you will see I am right all right. I have nothing against him all I see what I see on the screen and on the field. One other thing I’m not Brazilian. And my team is Minnesota Vikings not Flamingo or any other. As you can see I am Turkish

    • Tarkan Ocal says:

      @Anthony Randi no sir. I was following Real Madrid since 2017. I did not make a mistake between the stud and the dud.. I like the team even the best players are getting old but it will not carry with the players over 30 plus. I think you for your answer. No I’m not Brazilian either but my team is Minnesota Vikings all the way

  4. nelson monteiro says:

    Vinicius is playing very well and on barça’s side Dembele played well too.
    Just need to be consistent.
    Great game!

  5. Juan Medina says:

    Even if we lost it was a great game from both teams. I’m excited to see all the players coming back. Hopefully they can stay fit and find that chemistry to help them get back to being one of the best teams. 🔴🔵

    • Honest Madrid aka best club fan says:

      As an honest vardrid fan i agree that we robbed the biggest club in football
      I feel bad for you guys

    • amirlmao says:

      @Honest Madrid aka best club fan dude it’s okay 👍🏼 We will get revenge hopefully especially on Valverde dude exaggerating the take the shirt off celebration and got a yellow card and he still failed to do the celebration fully lol but gg

    • Saad Jamoussi says:

      @Honest Madrid aka best club fan troll

    • Armando Cr7 says:

      @amirlmao he did that bc he wasn’t getting no play time and he was losing hope but he turned it around and made a goal, you would’ve done the same thing no cap

  6. Dane Martin says:

    Crazy how good Vinicius has become

    • David Kattan says:

      @Agrrariox says who?
      You? And you are who exactly?
      You guys shower praise of the late form of L De Young due to his preformance in his last three matches, 3 goals in 3 matches and yet, Vini has 3 goals in his last 2 matches and I believe a assist as well. Get real! Vini is above all the players on your Barca team.
      And the Barca squad has some gems. But Vini is the second best player on our team after Big Benz and Vini is just getting started and he’s looking more and more like Mbappe the closer you look. You’re just blind or missing a brain lobe and can’t see it.


      @Agrrariox too early to tell. And plus, comparing players is overrated, not all of them have the same qualities and that’s what makes them obviously unique. If you’re a hater just say that lol it’s clear there’s improvement and its more clear he’s only getting started as the cliche saying says.

    • Gideon Fortune says:

      The unselfishness is crazy. Idk if it will happen but I wouldn’t be surprised he becomes best in the world instead of haaland/mbappe

    • thisismarkmac says:

      @Agrrariox Average? So you feel half of the players out there are better? Which means every club should have many players better than him. I honestly don’t see your point of view.

  7. Wayward Winchester says:

    Barca lost but with their heads held high, Xavi did not only bring the beautiful football back but more importantly the fighting spirit. Proud of my team. Viva Barca!

  8. andersjs1 says:

    Vinicius Jr is so unselfish! He and Benzema together is a real treat to watch

  9. M I T R O I says:

    I see these two teams getting more and more into the playing style we used to see. Barcelona getting more into possesion and passing game while Real being deadly on counter attacks. I like what I’m seeing.
    It’s weird seeing so many crosses and headers on Barca’s side, but it’s a nice addition to the team.

  10. Hesham Aldhahiry says:

    The way vinicius acted like a decoy for the 3rd goal was too smart, and he’s really young playing like this.

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