Barcelona’s EPIC comeback! All the action from the 3-0 win vs. Sevilla in the Copa del Rey | ESPN FC

Barcelona’s EPIC comeback! All the action from the 3-0 win vs. Sevilla in the Copa del Rey | ESPN FC

Barcelona might win some silverware yet this season! Ousmane Dembele opens the scoring for Barcelona with a sublime strike, followed by a penalty save from Marc-Andre ter Stegen to keep the score at 1-0. Gerard Pique forces extra time in the 94th minute after a cross in by Antoine Griezmann, and Martin Braithwaite completes the comeback, overturning their 2-0 defeat at Seville in the first leg.

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107 Responses

  1. PrometheusTV says:

    I knew something would happen at the last minute just like against Granada. Especially after that penalty miss.

  2. Henry Zuniga Hernandez says:

    What a game absolutely beautiful. Remember pique yelling at Griezmann during PSG? Well those two kept us in the game. Barca are truly the comeback kids

  3. Translate my Pfp says:

    At this point Barca are giving us heart attacks from all these last minute goals.

  4. Ade ToVAR معزة says:

    The fact that pique scoring more goals than hazard

  5. thatboym110 says:

    Goals in copa del Rey this season:
    Martin GOATwaite: 2
    Real Madrid: 1

    • Kyle Lightfoot says:

      @Gaming Q I’m sorry but please check your source. Old Barca is where most of there trophies came from tbh but it is more than Madrid has now

    • Katsuki Bakugo says:

      @Kyle Lightfoot Real Madrid have the most beat trophies like more la ligas and more ucl

    • Kyle Lightfoot says:

      @Katsuki Bakugo they do but across all competitions Barca have a bunch more. But Madrid do have a great UEFA/CL record I will admit that

    • Katsuki Bakugo says:

      @Kyle Lightfoot ok man👍🏽

    • I can’t think of a creative name says:

      @Barcelona Golden state we never play to win the copa anyways (probably), we haven’t won it in a long time.

  6. La Barca says:

    You can see that Barca have their winning mentality back and that’s nice to see 😎

  7. Frandy's Weather Channel says:

    F for the people who stopped watching after 90+2.

    • Yousif Azim says:

      @LM10 Productions No 4 because psg scored 4 also the rule is if the agreatite is tied on the second leg the team with more away goals would win so because of that if we score 3 and the agreate is tied then we lose because psg scored 4 at nou camp learn futbol

    • Updownside says:

      @jhoan of course bro, my friend who lives in spain sometimes streams in discord so i can watch the match lol

    • LM10 Productions says:

      @Yousif Azim so if we score 4 and Psg doenst score we win ?

    • Yousif Azim says:

      @LM10 Productions yes because our away goals would be tied but the agretite would be 5-4 for barca so we would win

    • Andy Villeda says:

      Not real fans

  8. thatboym110 says:

    Us Barca fans aren’t gonna make it past the age of 30 because of the amount of heart attacks Barca gives us 😭💀

  9. David Brady says:

    Barca really love making the cup games entertaining this year.

  10. Anonymous says:

    this is the start of a turnaround this season guys let’s go, this is why we’re still barca fans. it’s only gonna get better. barca presidential elections march 7th!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      @Toni The Sniper Kroos barca finals this season: 2 madrid: 0. madrid are not winning anything this season😂

    • Toni The Sniper Kroos says:

      @Cristopher Garcia we don’t claim you so stfu

    • Toni The Sniper Kroos says:

      @Cristopher Garcia your not even a Madrid 🤡🤡🤡

    • 杰Fox says:

      @Toni The Sniper Kroos I mean not sure what this conversation has to do with being a madrid fans but i think people are happy with this comeback just like I’m, and I think we learn something from this comeback that we gotta give it everything until the end but if you wanna keep hating just keep going not sure this is gonna get you anywhere not trying to be mean or anything 🙁

    • Toni The Sniper Kroos says:

      @杰Fox I’m sorry congrats on the comeback

  11. Edwin Castro says:

    This is the dembele we’ve wanted to see wen we signed him back in 2017

  12. anthony fernandez says:

    Koeman should get more praise for making adjustments and getting results while doing it

    • Hector Reyes says:

      @R madrid NYC HAHA keep crying about it 😂😂😂 I’m talking about the Alcoyano game btw HAHAHAHA. Of course it’s a farmer Mickey Mouse cup when u get eliminated by Alcoyano💀🤓

    • Shouldershrug guy says:

      @R madrid NYC a llorar 😂😂😂cry more

    • friedshrigga says:

      @R madrid NYC u seem so mad LMFAOOOO, both teams had penalties denied so that doesnt help ur argument, i bet ur mad madrid isnt here, i wonder who they lost too…. on yea 3rd divis-

    • umut taginik says:

      He deserves it. So many don’t are forgetting he took over the club in a terrible time and there’s work to do

    • Congolais Aloys says:

      @R madrid NYC y”all got destroyed and yes destroyed by a 10 men 3rd division team. when barca litfs up y’all are going to wish it was RM.

  13. X the rocket scientist says:

    No one going to talk about the ref in the first half of extra time?
    He was like- one yellow for you, one for you, oh you want it too, here you are 😂

  14. magdalenojuan says:

    Griezmann assisting Pique after they had a big argument 2 weeks ago is a big W!

  15. PS Dom says:

    Its moments like these that make me hate covid 19 so much. Imagine the scenes with fans in the stadium

  16. Adrian Camacho says:

    I see komen having his little smile when Chris brown scored that goal in the 94th

  17. D Nice says:

    If Dembele plays as a striker from here on, he will keep scoring

  18. the pretentious poplin says:

    Demebele is reaching the level of maturity he needs to. Truly world class.

    • Nó Nàmé says:

      Can’t believe he blew those other shots though, he should’ve had a hattrick!

    • LM10 Productions says:

      He can literally mature himself and be just like mbappe

    • V L says:

      @Nó Nàmé  his finishing needs to improve. Other than that, this is the dembele we wanted to see. Btw, if I remember correctly, Sevilla the team he has scored the most goals against since he joined Barca

    • Diego Uriostegui says:

      He’s still a flop just one good shot every thinks he’s good, he was miles better at Dortmund

    • Pote Serieux says:

      We say that every other week and they end up getting trashed in the champions league, nevertheless they’re still enjoyable to watch

  19. Shiva Karki says:

    commentator: That’s second yellow for Fernando Reges. He gonna miss the final .
    Me (deep inside ) : Yes , he gonna miss final because Barca gonna play final.

    • Abdullah A. says:

      You and I know you weren’t thinking that 🤣🤣

    • Jeisson Hernandez says:

      lol, I was watching it in Spanish, and one of the commentators said the same thing, and the other commentator responded : if they go to the finals
      literally golden, didnt give up hope

  20. Walter Gomez Torres says:

    When Pique scored that goal Messi looked finally so happy. He is enjoying his team right now. Visca Barca

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