Barry l Official Trailer [HD] l Netflix

Barry l Official Trailer [HD] l Netflix

A young Barack Obama, known to his friends as “Barry,” arrives in New York City in the fall of 1981 to begin his junior year at Columbia University. In a crime-ridden and racially charged environment, Barry finds himself pulled between various social spheres and struggles to maintain a series of increasingly strained relationships with his Kansas-born mother, his estranged Kenyan father, and his classmates.Barry is the story of a young man grappling with those same issues that his country, and arguably the world, are still coming to terms with 35 years later. Only on Netflix December 16.


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Barry l Official Trailer [HD] l Netflix

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20 Responses

  1. Kinky Tinks says:

    1 like = virtual high five
    1 sub= free tropical vacation

  2. MOIFKRES says:

    Anyone know the song around 1:15 ??

  3. joshua bapp says:

    I’m glad this bull shit went straight to net flix

  4. devin varela says:

    the man, the legend, the president who put America into debt!

  5. Gian Rodrig says:

    Who else was waiting for michelle to pop up at least once

  6. Infinity Remix says:

    Obama, you done f*cked up the timeline again

  7. Hellomynameis says:

    I’m crying at all of the Barry Allen comments ???

  8. Twenty One Phantoms of the Opera says:

    My Elementary school music teacher’s son went to law school and was friends
    with Obama

  9. Nicely roasted turkey leg says:

    Run , Barry , run!!

  10. Rch Pers says:

    How are we supposed to ship Barrack with anyone besides Michelle??!!

  11. Teddy Cruz says:

    Shit is so fucking lit bro

  12. GAMBANJUJJJ says:

    Oh the alt-right is ready to give this trailer a good dislike fucking!
    I like the trailer, but anything that is progressive or about obama will be
    agressively disliked by the alt-right

  13. Peter Steman says:

    So what’s your story young man? – My father gave me a small loan of a
    million dollars… – You know what that makes you? American…

    TUMP. Grab’em by the pussy. In theatres when hell freezes over.

  14. ΞΞΞ ΞΞΞ says:


  15. Mugu S says:

    holy shit ellar coltrane!!

  16. Sam Gonzalez says:

    Oh my gosh this looks retarted

  17. Surge2million says:

    A lot of him with white women to make this trailer purposely provocative. I
    don’t give a shit if he dated white women. I’m sure he did. But to make
    half the trailer that is bullshit. Show the actual relevant parts of his
    life, not incidental fucks.

  18. David Wheeler says:

    Bath house Barry was a well know patron of Chicago gay bath houses. Hence
    the nick name he earned, Bath House Barry. He also smoked crack cocaine in
    the back of a limo while getting his dick sucked by Larry Sinclair, look it

  19. MLima Rosebud says:

    looks real good!?

  20. Dan Oak says:

    Does Larry Senclare make an appearance?