Barry Season 4 | Official Teaser | HBO

Barry Season 4 | Official Teaser | HBO

Barry. The Final Season. April 16.
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32 Responses

  1. Xikaryo says:

    Hader himself is directing every episode for this final season. It’s going to be legendary!

    • Adam Stevenson says:

      @Shane Taylor Hader has always said it was going to be 4 seasons. He said that in interviews during the first season. Shouldn’t be a surprise. Too many shows don’t have a “story” to tell and just keep going and going for the sake of going. This is a 3-Act arc in 4 seasons, it’s perfect.

    • Shane Taylor says:

      @Largentina pretty easy question to understand. Seems like he’s a fan who wishes a show he likes lasted longer because alot of shows with similar acclaim do. No need to act all snooty now lol. We’re all fans here.

    • Largentina says:

      ​@Aveenash batra Because the story they wrote lasts for 4 seasons. What a weird question.

    • Colby Halterman says:

      @Aveenash batra and if it is the end I hope they can do a spinoff called “Hank”😂

    • Aveenash batra says:

      ​@Colby Halterman exactly, it is such an awesome show. Every character is pretty great.

  2. Revenatt says:

    This show is unique, its like, one episode you cant breath from the laugh, the next one you have depression, and the next one you are in the edge of the seat, what a masterpiece of entertainment, you deserve everything Bill Hader

  3. Officer Flat Foot says:

    Honestly the best show on HBO and I’m glad they’re not dragging it through multiple seasons

  4. Delfin says:

    Bill Hader has truly come such a long way from characters like Stefon and Officer Slater to now Barry Berkman. Seeing him evolve from comedy to drama has been such a joy to watch. I can’t lie it’s gonna be sad to watch this show closing curtains but it’s been such a pleasure to watch this show for the last four years and I can’t wait to see what happens. I applaud everybody who worked on HBO’s Barry, it’s such an astonishing work of tragicomedy.

  5. A Shekhawat says:

    All good shows must come to an end. So excited for the final season. This is going to be so good.

  6. Ignacio Anaya says:

    Barry opens as a dark comedy but slowly develops into a tragic story.

    Truly one of the best shows of the decades.

  7. The Comedy Bros says:

    This show has been a complete shocker for me. It’s amazing how it packs such a heavy punch even though the seasons are so short and the episodes aren’t long!

  8. placeholder says:

    Only show that can make you laugh in one second but then make you cry in the next second

  9. The Sound Painter's Studio says:

    I like how they’re not trying to push the story beyond a point to where it would not have a proper ending. I’m excited to see this final act and love this show. Glad they’re treating the story with respect.

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