Barstool Employees React to Call Her Daddy Feud – Stool Scenes 261

Barstool Employees React to Call Her Daddy Feud – Stool Scenes 261

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36 Responses

  1. jda671 says:

    Sofia is just setting up everything to sue Alex. That’s the only option she has now. Unless she wants to start all over by doing a new show by herself. She is 27 and made $500k last year, now she is unemployed…

    • Justyn Holder says:

      Maybe she can get unemployment 😂

    • jda671 says:

      MrOasis316 I agree. Maybe if she can drag out a lawsuit long enough it might force Alex to give her a little money in a settlement

    • C V says:

      @SUCKRPUNCHED she doesn’t have 500k. She would be lucky to have netted 275k

    • Adam Ban says:

      @SUCKRPUNCHED assuming that idiot didn’t spend it all

    • Uncle Bob says:

      She has her rich BF that’s why she dont care about the 500k. She better hope her and Suit man work out or she will be regretting it. Always thigh Sofia was a dumb bitch anyway.

  2. Caleb Cisco says:

    pandemic barstool is straight up thriving

  3. Mad Mike0082 says:

    Spider looks like he just got back from a cross country run in his big rig.

  4. Eric S says:

    Call him mommy

  5. john boylan says:

    A podcast of Walker cramming bananas in his face for an hour seems like a guaranteed hit.

  6. ayftb says:

    donnie aka three beers and a fanta just said hes not a soda guy lol

  7. Noah Bennett says:

    “We could be the call her daddy girls, I don’t have any talent, you date plenty of ugly dudes, that’s it!”

  8. Charlie Boldosser says:

    The biggest fanta advocate of all time declares himself “not a soda guy”

    • Caleb Owens says:

      He’s a beer and Fanta guy can’t have one without the other unless it’s just beer but no Fanta without beer

  9. westjapartyside says:

    these two moles were trouble the moment they walked in the office!

  10. Beastly Dookie says:

    This shouldve just been 30 min of penn’s stock going through the roof

  11. Aztek4611 says:

    spider looks like the love child of Mac Miller and Forrest Gump

  12. Zach Landon says:

    Sofia is the step mom that dad finally got rid of that we don’t mention anymore

  13. MEN OF TROY says:

    This is what they wear when they go hunting…. for Fentanyl.

    😆😆😆😆😆😅😅 *DEAD*

  14. Ryan Arand says:

    I can imagine Sofia watching these videos in such regret. Thinking about her humble beginnings and what she walked away from.

  15. Danny H says:

    Dave is the master of playing this game. I don’t think Call Her Daddy had any idea who they were dealing with.

    • Rob says:

      Young girls always think they are smarter than everyone and much more valuable than they are, not really their fault since men gas them up 24/7 just trying to get some pussy and then they develop a false sense of reality.

    • Fiath Azuma says:

      Rob chill it’s not that deep 😐

  16. Nate Crouse says:

    PFT looks like he’s in a blind melon cover band now

  17. Sean Baylor says:

    Donnie: “I’m not a soda guy” ….Also Donnie: “Can I have 3 Fantas and a ….”

  18. Matt Koski says:

    “go quote walt whitman” hilarious chirp by pres

  19. oxXRockXSugarXxo says:

    I didn’t even like Peter when Sofia started talking about him! I just knew it

  20. I’m all out of bubble Gum says:

    So nice to see these “girls” get their due..

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