Bartenders Guess Who Is Underage

Bartenders Guess Who Is Underage

Can you guess if someone is over the age of 21 just by looking at them? Watch these bartenders try to guess who can legally drink in the US.

Produced, Directed, and Edited by Cut!

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20 Responses

  1. Ken Duong says:

    Tfw you are 25 but look forever 17

  2. Labersack says:

    better do this in germany, where beer is 16 and the hard stuff is 18^^

  3. N. Philip says:

    15?!!?!?!?!?!? whaaaaaaat

  4. I eat Suga Kookies With Jimin's Jam says:

    bianca is 15. 15 really. she doesn’t look like 15??

  5. Grégory says:

    I think the most interesting thing about watching this video is seeing how different people age.

  6. Chloe says:

    I got them all right! Yay! Their faces gave them away for me! The 15 year old reminds me of some girl I went to school with when she went through a gothic phase. She will look her age when she removes the make up!

  7. Wecu Snow says:


  8. April S says:

    I love seeing the bartenders get it wrong! They can be so cocky sometimes. If you look young you’ll know what I’m talking about lol!

  9. Elise De La Serre says:

    White people looking like they are 40 at 20 y.o. ?

  10. Retro radio says:

    Meanwhile in Europe … Beer on our 16th birthday.

  11. JULKO says:

    in Europe it’s 18 so i’m lost ?

  12. Katy m says:

    Did they purposely get people who look older/younger then they’re age? Cause holy shit some of these people fooled me

  13. ollie tbh says:

    how stupid that you have to be 21 to consume alcohol but can buy a gun at 18 years old in most places in america and commit mass murder if you wanted, what the actual hell

  14. 420 Blazer says:

    Damn bruh the 15 year old looks uncomfortable as fuck

  15. Marisol Molina says:

    “I don’t know anyone over 20 who bites their nails”

    Me a 20 year old *hides hands*

  16. Asena Colak says:

    Yo that Asian girl and that black girl were hella fine ?

  17. Johnny Blazee says:

    yoh can someone hook up Marinas facebook or some shiit ? hahaha

  18. Tristan Guinot says:

    You Americans live in a country where you can buy a gun or go kill people in Afghanistan before being in legal age to drink a beer…

  19. Natalie Mack says:

    You could tell the one girl was 15 just by her body language and facial expressions. She was just oozing teen angst.

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