Baryon Naruto vs Isshiki | Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Baryon Naruto vs Isshiki | Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Ep 217: Naruto uses his Baryon Mode to thrash Isshiki! Watch Boruto on Crunchyroll!

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54 Responses

  1. BAM Collectibles says:

    LOVE how he looks and feels so confident and relaxed in this mode! Such a high cost but daaaannnggggg is it nice to get back to some Taijutsu fighting in Naruto 😀

  2. WeabOtaku PH says:

    Naruto is too damn cool this episode!

  3. Crunchyroll Collection says:

    Watch episode 217 here!

  4. Cold says:

    Boruto has really improved. This arc is a pure W in every aspect.

  5. robertg305 says:

    Wasn’t expecting Isshiki to fight with a professional boxing stance lol

  6. Ok Roomer says:

    Naruto: Seems like you’ve made a subscription..
    Isshiki: Subscription?
    Naruto: ..To my “Only Hands” 0:01

  7. Trevon Harris says:

    Naruto basically told Isshiki that even though he’s not the MC his name is still in the show title.

    • Muhammad Thahnoon says:

      Bruh I literally only watch boruto because naruto is in it

    • Muhammad Thahnoon says:

      And it’s the continuation of his story so…

    • K x n g L a u v says:

      @Muhammad Thahnoon no it’s not. It’s the end of narutos story and the beginning of the next generations. And if you watch the show for naruto you aren’t watching Boruto at all. Sorry to break it to you🤷‍♂️

    • InfiniteTVXQ says:

      @Muhammad Thahnoon Yep, I loathed Boruto at the start.

    • tooka uchiha #stanevil says:

      @Muhammad Thahnoon yea but it’s the end of his story too I wouldn’t be surprised if they shifted all the attention towards Boruto and the next generation of Shinobi tbh I really don’t want to see more op Naruto and Sasuke defeating every threat that comes that’s boring asf

  8. Dear Gamer says:

    Yoooo that boy is beast!

  9. TheSemiProGamer says:

    Isshiki: this guy in orange powered up out of nowhere and is just humiliating me now!!!!

    Frieza: first time?

  10. جلوري GLORY l says:

    I just can’t explain what I felt watching this ep, and the “Rasingan” with calm voice hits different.

    One of the best fights in anime history

    • Justin Tench says:

      @cloud because it doesn’t matter it’s not one of the best. One of best is of Naruto, but not even by a oo g shot in history. Watch some more. Diverse anime kids, you’ll learn alot

    • T.O.S HIGH says:

      No its not one of the beat fights in anime history .. yall say that WAY to often.

    • Waifu'sParadise ENT. says:

      This fight not even top 20 best fights in anime history🤣it was a fire fight but u gasing on that one or you just haven’t watched many action anime lol that probably explain why you said that

    • Naughty_ Snuggles says:

      No it’s not you circus 🤡

    • Larceny says:

      Naruto uses this form and just throws punches and you call it one of the best. this must be your first show.

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