Baseball Has A Baseball Problem

Baseball Has A Baseball Problem

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37 Responses

  1. Mavka says:

    Everything about Steve Bartman is so sad to me now. Kid was clearly a mega fan, got excited to finally catch a ball, life ruined. Poor dude

    • dspsblyuth says:

      @LudaChez written by his lawyers


    • maverickhunter24 says:

      @vanderlai That is the utter definition of class to me, man!

    • LudaChez says:

      @dspsblyuth what do you mean his lawyers? Bartman released a statement he didn’t want to be a distraction after 2016.

    • dspsblyuth says:

      @LudaChez that was his lawyer. Bartman has been lawyered up since the catch and has been in fear for his life since then.

      Can’t blame him he was just a quiet guy that loves baseball and wound up in the crosshairs of his city because of a simple mistake.

    • LudaChez says:

      Anyway it’s Alex Gonzalez’s error that really fucked it up. Not Bartman

  2. David Luchsinger says:

    The stats and scientific research, historical context and media, and other depth you include in these videos is AMAZING. Keep taking us into the weeds!

  3. DHVF says:

    This is why I love baseball, no other sport has any problem even close to this and I love it for the intricacy and chaos that it brings

    • Winston Kostrzewa says:

      @Patrick Volk I should have specified North American sports because you’re right, I understand zero about cricket!

    • Arete Development says:

      The 2010 South African World Cup Jabulani ball was under heavy scrutiny that it had too much bend in it that goalies couldn’t defend it. Hockey though, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of any puck things except for the glowing tv puck back in the 90s and curved hockey sticks.

    • John1723 says:


    • Patrick Volk says:

      @Winston Kostrzewa The only thing complex about baseball is the stats. The ball is random it seems (changes every pitch). You can swap out a lot of players, and keep a few specialists on your roster. Most other sports you can’t keep a specialist player like that. Soccer you get like 7 subs to choose from, but can only use 3. Aussie rules, you have 3 running subs for a team of 18.
      Cricket is a lot more complex to me. You have 11 players, two are required positions. No subs, no DH. The other 9 have to cover a circular field. You have two batters, and the pitchers change off every 6 balls. Stamina comes into play for everybody. Your pitchers have to take field positions (generally 5 bowlers). The field conditions can make a typical score in the 200’s to 1000+ for a 5-day match where everybody bats twice.

    • C S says:

      Soccer had an issue with one of the major tournament balls . They inadvertently created a knuckleball effect when a player would shoot the ball which caused issues for goalies.

  4. Cy says:

    The way he laughed when he said the mud they rub on mlb baseballs is at a public swamp made me chuckle

  5. Casey Michel says:

    Anyone who’s been watching baseball for years knows something is up. You can hear when a batter makes great contact and this year I’ve seen a lot of balls that were absolutely crushed that stay in the park…. It’s obvious

    • Jersh Sqersh says:

      That’s because for the past 5 years the balls been juiced. Balls that would have been deep flies were now 420 shots. Now the game is how is should be played. The big power guys like Stanton and judge are still hitting the ball 450, but all the guys with the uppercut swing are seeing poor results like they should.

    • Benjamin Robert says:

      These players need to stop swinging for the fence if they don’t have the power. I’ve stopped watching the MLB for the past few years because of this problem. I miss small ball. This new age garbage with all these HRs and increasingly high strikeout rates bores me tbh. I miss the Ichiros and Jimmy Rollins type players of the game.

    • BixbyConsequence says:

      It’s part of the game.

    • Adam Coe says:

      @Zraknul I believe you mean in the game against the Jays a little while back. That was the shortest HR of his career.

  6. Matt says:

    Honestly, around the middle when they were changing the process of making baseballs I think they didn’t understand how seemingly insignificant changes like using thicker laces would affect the entire ball.

    • dspsblyuth says:

      When considering aerodynamics everything micron matters

    • Allison Ember says:

      They can change the recipe and source the ingredients from elsewhere, and they’d be absolute fools not to know it’d effect the performance in some minor way, but how are they going to predict in what way the sway of the leather is going to effect spin, or the degree to which a millimeter of thread will impact hit distance? Yeah, they’re definitely screwing the balls up, knowing that it’ll effect the game, but I don’t think they’re really in control of when or how the impact of those changes will play out. If they were, it’d be a lot more consistent.

  7. Hudson Saccone says:

    This man’s content is impeccable.

  8. Fuzzy says:

    SUB TO THIS MAN!! Best baseball channel on YT right now 👏🏻

  9. gandalug1 says:

    It’s always a joy to watch this man’s videos

  10. Crimson Yeti says:

    Great video! I hadn’t though about the deformation of balls before, but it immediately reminded me of the game when Shohei Ohtani hit his 100th MLB homerun. The Angel’s commentators were given the opportunity to see the ball afterwards, and at least 5 times they mentioned how the ball was hit so hard it wasn’t even a sphere anymore.

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