Basically Everything You Need To Know Before End Game

Basically Everything You Need To Know Before End Game

I have never been more hyped for a single movie in my entire life. So here is a recap of the previous movies prior to Avengers End Game WHICH LIKE I SAID… IM LIKE SUPER EXCITED FOR

First Recap for more marvel recappingness

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50 Responses

  1. SomeThingElseYT says:

    We made it to 2 million subscribers, thats honestly insane to me. Glad you all still enjoy the vids I make. Ill probably do something for 2 mil soon.

  2. Sea Puppy says:

    “Pretty please with a I will kill your sister on top” i’m wEZING

  3. SwiftStarGaming says:

    They just made ant-man and the wasp to stop people making theories of ant-man going up Thanos’s butt “—“


    Adams friend: Adam OMG i watched all the marvel moves
    Adam: there’s new moves

  5. xxMysticWolfy Animationxx says:

    *_Thanos I hate you, you purple part pumpkin part grape_*

    • Swirlycone Art says:

      Ummmm…..I still haven’t watched captain marvel and endgame comes out today…..THERES NO TIME WATCH THE RECAP DONE.

  6. Shadow Cooper says:

    Thank you Stan lee for creating this universe.
    Thank you Adam for the recap, which I watched after the film. AND OMG ENDGAME. Aaahhhh

  7. TheDizzyDeveloper says:

    *_spider man_*
    *_spider man_*
    *_friendly neighbour spider man_*
    *_everything, going dark_*
    *_i don’t feel too good mr stark_*
    *_oh no_*

  8. Silver Meow says:

    Adam you should watch the parody of the endgame and infinity war it’s called animators endframe

  9. worthless.content. uwu says:

    (also i’m sad cuz i already watched endgame before he released this video 🙁 )

  10. Bewakoofo ki Toli says:

    Wait wait wait, didn’t your friend watch the movie with you before……

    I blame Steve Rogers

  11. TheNoobPlayer329 says:

    Vision: **dies**
    Thanos: yeeeaaaah, it’s rewind time!

  12. Fang says:

    3:53 that actually sounded like him. Also the space cat was the best thing in Captain Marvel.

  13. xXJla Xx says:

    5:03 you forget the best part of the movie when Tony says: “don’t embarrass me in front of the wizard”
    Only people who watched the first infinity wars would get this ?

  14. Buddy Boy says:

    Leave a like for Stan Lee. Rip Stan lee, thanks for all the superhero’s you made Marvel is better than DC. We all love you! (Spider-Man is my favorite)

  15. Ducky XD says:

    Ant Man didn’t climb up Thanos butt…

    Did I ruin the movie for you?

  16. DaSupremeNarwhL says:

    Just watched Endgame yesterday without watching captain marvel..

    I’m a disgrace! I know =(

    • RetroBoi says:

      DaSupremeNarwhL you’re not gonna be the only one, i just saw the post credits of infinity war and yelled in my room “DAMN IT!”

  17. a guy who forgot his password says:

    I would still appreciate if that Mexican Antman dude tells these stories

  18. puddy cat says:

    step by step guide to watch endgame
    do not bring food it will end up soggy
    bring tissues
    bring more tissues for your after issues
    bring your therapist friend
    say bye bye to……

  19. RustyIron 7 says:

    “You are in Wakanda now. Thanos will get nothing but dust and blood”
    “Dust, and blood.”

  20. Gabino Rubio says:

    The aliens in the Wakanda Battle Are called Outriders

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