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65 Responses

  1. CashNasty says:

    This was good ain’t gonna reaction on it will be soon doe..respect to Rice

  2. Gabriel Salinsky says:

    Rice: “this ain’t soccer, this is a deferent sport”. Also rice” he touched my elbow”

  3. Pablo H says:

    7:46 ; the man, the myth, the legend in the background, “look at curry man”

  4. zBrokenWings says:

    6:13 they call that a charge….

  5. Gabriele Quin Curcio says:

    2:05 that’s what she said 😂😂😂

  6. TheGoat Productions says:

    There needs to be a rematch cuz both of y’all we’re just fouling each other the whole game

  7. BNF SQUAD says:

    10:15 wtf that’s a 100 smothered layup

  8. jack cole says:

    Imagine taking a charge in a 1v1

  9. Rainyy says:

    Rice: This isn’t no soccer this is a different sport.

    Also rice: Ayehha that’s a foul 9:38

  10. Imri Bajayo says:

    Cash: In another universe —————————————ricegum: foul!!!!!

  11. LCMega _ says:

    Dang rice be fouling like crazy, I love how cash never wants to call it though, how many fouls does rice wanna call bruh!

    • Valentin Yi says:

      @LCMega _ I mean most people would do that right? I know i would. Cash too strong

    • Adam says:

      GI ZACK but rice cries fouls on the littlest of things…

    • Fathi Ali says:

      LCMega _ If cash ever go in the nba he would get fouled out every time. I honestly believe cash fouled him more than 50 times

    • John Doe says:

      @Adam Rice mostly called shooting fouls though… he’s interfering with his shot, that’s not little. Cash literally fouled him ALL the time, everytime Rice drove he blocked him, makes me think Cash is clueless on blocking fouls lol he acts like he’s playing football.

    • W Hickman says:

      @John Doe there’s that the fact that his crossover is a carry which is ironic when he would call carry on rice and he just tries to play like he on shadow mountain fouling anything dribbling and throwing bows and lowering his shoulder going to the cup and still missing.

  12. 12clutch says:

    1:16 flight doing his intro in the back

  13. Charlie Kellogg says:

    1:17 , flight in the background

    “Flight team stand up!”


  14. White Shadow says:

    Rice: “who’s next”.
    Bro let me Play against him 😂

  15. Alaina Jones says:

    Absolutely nobody:
    Rice:ThAtS a FoUl

  16. Selling Dripp says:

    Rice: Heard you foul a lot
    Also rice: fouling every time cash get in the paint LMFAO

    • Darlton B says:

      Selling Dripp what else is he going to do? What he’s going to make all those difficult shots just to have someone stronger than him post him the whole game? That’s tuff

    • Selling Dripp says:

      Darlton B 😂😂 did I say it was bad thing? No but Ik cash wanted to rock his shit w all them fouls

    • Yippied says:

      Selling Dripp he was grabbing his arms

    • W Hickman says:

      He did but cash was fouling the whole time i think their was one possession where he wasn’t fouling rice on top of that cash is garbage

  17. cody Gilbraith says:

    The stopping forward motion with his arm tho cash that shit pretty illegal 😂

  18. mattloy says:

    “I can’t make no excuses” I respect you for that cash 💯

  19. Payton Morrison says:

    Yo “defense” will get u easily fouled out in a real game 😂

  20. إحصائيات عربية says:

    Rice: “this ain’t soccer, this is a deferent sport”. Also rice” he touched my elbow”

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