Basketball Trivia Game Pt. 4 @Jenna Bandy

Basketball Trivia Game Pt. 4 @Jenna Bandy

#trivia #shorts

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32 Responses

  1. TotalTJdraws says:

    This man went from the Bible to nba 😂😂😂

  2. Eddie Lopez says:

    You should start a series where you go around asking people about Halo

  3. Pr0m3theus says:

    “What the frick, he fricking fouled me 🤓”

  4. Magnus Bjørnli says:

    I’m kinda proud i guessed What NBA stands for

  5. The Gongoolzler says:

    “He fouled me”
    Man shows his ass

  6. pohodovy felak says:

    that guy was calm every time she won the question but when he cheated the girl was able to set the world on fire

  7. Bryson Hall says:

    Was this “are you smarter than a first grader?”

  8. tom de chazal says:

    Moses got way more commandments but he broke the tablets except for the last ones

    • Andrew Philip says:


    • Aidan Gomany says:

      @Jonathan F People like you give people like myself a bad rep. I’ve been atheist virtually my entire life, but I never talk down to people about their religious beliefs unless they try to shove it down my throat. And just an FYI, the Holy Bible is a very real book, you can buy one at your local bookstore if you don’t believe me. I do know what youre getting at and i somewhat agree, but Im an informed atheist. Informed people tend to be less cunty when it comes to opposing views, so Im assuming you’re very uninformed and know the most vague arguments against religion and nothing more. Grow up

    • lovey dovey says:

      @Jonathan F yea god is dead

    • Jonathan F says:

      No one cares the Bible is fake

    • Alicia Gabriel says:

      God gave him them again after he broke them… we have the commandments still today

  9. Kurdt M says:

    “What the frick” is the most heinous and foul phrase I’ve ever heard

  10. Getty Touchstone says:

    Who built the ark??
    Ken Ham 🤣🤣🤣

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