Bass Fishing Battle | Dude Perfect

Bass Fishing Battle | Dude Perfect

Time to fish, Dude Perfect style.
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Bonus points if you’re still reading this!
Comment: Those fish are HUGE!!!

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5 Best Friends and a Panda.
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Pound it ?? Noggin ??‍♂️
– Dude Perfect

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36 Responses

  1. Clorox Bleach says:

    First battle win of 2019 when we are almost in 8th month out of 12

  2. RachLee R. says:

    I’ve been watching y’all ever since I was three and I’m 10 now

    • Jan Victor Melsen 9B Strandskolen says:

      RachLee R. Now THAT’s loyalty! I have also been watching since Dude Perfect had 3 million subscribers back in 2013 when I was a little boy.

    • Joseph mut says:

      You need to review your priorities in life!

  3. Ritz says:


    Cody : I am a fish kisser….

  4. Guitarist Sam says:

    Dear person reading this,Don’t worry. You will find love soon. You will find success. You will find happiness. And you will find peace. Be patient , whatever you do Don’t run back to what broke you. Love from a unknown Youtuber.

  5. Omer Al Shuttary says:

    It is really embarrassing when Coby gets a win before ty in 2019.

  6. FOOD GOOD says:

    Like to Cody and Cory cotton, so they can catch the fish over Crazy tylerntoney???,in next time✔?

  7. Taniya Singh says:

    Dude perfect fan like???????????????

  8. Ball.Player.3000 says:

    Me: guys let’s go fishing
    The boys: lets play gun game on cod
    Me and the boys: I have an idea

  9. Julia - I love sex :* TAP ON MY PHOTO :* says:

    Cody: I’m the greatest fisherman alive!
    Santiago from Old man and the sea: am I a joke to you?

  10. Raghav Gupta says:

    Cody: this fish made my day…

  11. Bianca Robertson says:

    When Cody Made the fish go “Pound it! Noggin!” That was just DEEP.

  12. Dariune says:

    Is this a lake or a sardine can, they find them so easy

  13. Victor Hegerslund says:

    For dude perfect.

    You guys should make plane stereotypes and school stereotypes. 🙂

  14. 신위철 says:

    But finally they wouldn’t back to their home…
    Wtf I can’t think more than this.

  15. Leo Stals says:

    Tyler and Garret in the same boat and both catching the most fish?

    Something fishy is going on here

  16. Wiendel Pupser says:

    I Love Fishing and i Love Dude Perfect thats is perfect

  17. DA Destroyer says:

    the editing made round one look tight even tho ty beat garret by 6 mins

  18. Alexander Playz says:

    I love how Cody was sure he made it to the finale and then he didn’t xD

  19. Bhargav Khandige says:

    Cody: I’m the greatest fisherman in the world!!
    Ty: Hold my fish

  20. cup o rice says:

    Dude perfect (7 years ago): let’s make an Africa edition to a video

    Dude perfect ( 7 years in the future)
    Moon football underwater trick shots Area 51 stereotypes

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