Bastille – Torn Apart (Bastille VS. Grades)

Taken from VS. (Other People’s Heartache p III). Pre order on iTunes: – Out 30th Nov

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Music video by Bastille performing Torn Apart. (C) 2014 Virgin Records Ltd

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20 Responses

  1. Mai Pulvera says:


  2. Lisa Platt says:

    “Love is a thug sandwich rolling down the block,” umm I don’t really think
    that’s true.

  3. Katherine Collado says:

    Me: “Oh the vídeo its done, let me check!
    :< :-c :/ °O° >:/
    Wtf i saw? Wtf i heard? Love is more powerfull than God?
    I love the music But the vídeo…..

  4. Sarah Padula says:

    HAHAH this is great 

  5. missdecember says:

    I may be overthinking or maybe even under thinking this, but I think the
    music video is just reinforcing the ‘love is love’ theme. All the ‘weird’
    people represent real relationships that are out there, the aliens may be a
    way of saying others may view this relationship as weird and unusual but
    they view it as love. There is not a perfect definition of love, it comes
    in many forms…including an alien with three penises. 

  6. Faye Dunaway says:

    Love is more powerful than God ? really ? The one who does not love does
    not know God, because God is love ! 

  7. allen medina says:

    Love is more powerful than GOD?! WTF

  8. MissMartha says:

    am i the only one who is feeling really weird watching this vid…? xd

  9. Madziul :3 says:

    omg, love this song… but video? no ;-;

  10. mrmustachio_ 25 says:

    the sex part was so gross!!!

  11. Eric Silva says:


  12. pouley2411 says:

    Go home Bastille, you’re drunk.

  13. elle hendenaschmilow says:

    someone explain me the video? thanks :)

  14. Patrick Haney says:

    Oh my god so funny

  15. Mitchell Espinoza says:

    This is soo good I just started crying because love is love and God cannot
    be stronger than love but God can watch us love as he created it to be a
    big power that no one can withheld inside 

  16. tpfsilverleopard says:

    What the heck happened to Bastille? And I thought Pompeii had a weird
    And this really isn’t suitable for Bastille’s younger fans. Plus Bastille
    are British, why are all the people Americans?

  17. haylee ollivant says:

    and i thought their videos couldn’t get any worse O.O i cant unsee it ;-;
    my poor eyes. No hate on the song, the song itself was great, But COME ON
    this video is so screwed up!

  18. Bruno Duarte says:


  19. Le Hobnob says:

    This is so fucking beautiful 

  20. Tess Fallgren says:

    hahah what the fuck!