Bathing in 500 lbs of Putty

Bathing in 500 lbs of Putty

We filled up a bathtub with 500 pounds of crystal clear putty. And then we got in it. Enjoy!


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20 Responses

  1. Marion Heafner says:

    Can you guys do BTS ( behind the scenes)

  2. Slug Slugster says:

    That was great

  3. hosna pouryousefi says:

    but I haven’t got it yet

  4. Mango says:

    You people are nuts.

  5. KamiSapmelash says:

    So, how much for one of those barrels of the stuff?

  6. Dora Luksic says:

    do that with more potty?

  7. Tech with T.M.K says:

    You should do a Liquid Glass Putty Giveaway :D

  8. Miche Munro says:

    Holy crap that man is gorgeous

  9. lendial says:

    Hans is super fit

  10. Hanna Lee says:

    Ive got magnetic putty

  11. givingyo utheslip says:

    their should be an option to buy a 500 lbs tank of the putty

  12. cloned81 says:

    I just watched this for those abs. Yum!

  13. Jeneau Seyben says:

    Never skip leg day

  14. Mr Awesome says:

    No wonder is out of stock.. they used them all.

  15. Ayy lmao says:

    It would suck to drown in that

  16. Joseph a G says:

    hey, vat19, make a gummy bear eating contest!!

  17. Kids Toys Pop says:

    You guys should mix all the putties together

  18. Temmie- Chan says:

    I don’t really care what’s happening but there is a hot guy so

  19. limmpan-02 says:

    For how long did he need to shower after that

  20. Jabbing Guy says:

    That one dislike is someone who bought a tin of this and found his armpit
    hair inside