Batista takes a dig at Triple H during Evolution’s reunion: SmackDown 1000, Oct. 16, 2018

Batista takes a dig at Triple H during Evolution’s reunion: SmackDown 1000, Oct. 16, 2018

Evolution’s reunion seems to be going well, until Batista hits a sore spot for Triple H.


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66 Responses

  1. A Jericho Fan says:

    Batista Vs HHH Is Fine But I Want
    Batista Vs HHH Vs Randy Orton
    In WM 35 Triple Threat Sp Ref Flair That Will Be Awesome

  2. Raikiir says:

    Ok, I was sceptical.
    But that Batista line really got me good.
    Didn’t expect it, and loved it.

  3. Shanmugam A says:

    Randy Orton 🔥🔥🔥

  4. jerel says:

    I liked what Randy Orton had to say because it reminded me of how he used to be when he was the younger guy in the original version of Evolution when it was around in 2003. He even looks and sounds like the Orton he used to be, without the beard and crew cut fade he had back when he was The Legend Killer, except he’s all tattooed up now.

  5. Viledice says:

    Adapt or perish

  6. Chump Wonder says:

    I love how Randy Orton went right back into his Evolution/Legend Killer gimmick. Bring back this version of Orton.

  7. Abhyasn Kafle says:

    Its ALMOST confirmed at the grandest stage of all time wrestle mania The ANIMAL BATISTA VS THE GAME TRIPE H

  8. Joe Jones says:

    The animal is back!!!!

  9. Diego Rodriguez says:

    Better than Raw 25, not better than Raw 1000.


    This is the first time that evolution appear on smackdown

  11. Noel Halyard says:

    DAMN it was good to see Batista back on SD1000 ! WM 35 match confirmed

  12. XEdgeRenegade666 says:

    Back in those days, Batista was something special. His body, his wrestling skills, his persona, he was a complete package. but when he came back he wasn’t that good. I still miss him , he was one of my childhood heroes

  13. Vishal Pandey says:

    4:42 RK…Oh not today

  14. azooza gglljeooe says:


  15. azooza gglljeooe says:

    Look the viper 4:42 hey go rko to the game 🐍😂

  16. harshit kalotra says:

    4:41 rko outta nowhere cancelled

  17. Pratham Sharma says:

    4:42 randy Orton is ready for RKO but he remembers that this suit is very expensive.😂😂😂😂

  18. Alexandre NAMOR says:

    Randy Orton : 13 times World Champion
    Batista : 6 times World Champion
    Ric Flair : 16 times World Champion
    Triple H : 14 times World Champion
    The entire Evolution : 49 World titles
    This is just insane.

  19. WrestleBase says:

    Randy still looks in his 20’s

  20. Tanmey Saraiya says:

    So we have a match between Batista and Triple H down the line. I hope they throw in Randy too.

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