Batman Lamborghini Uber Prank!

Batman Lamborghini Uber Prank!

Behind The Scenes:
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Thanks to Averagebrotv for filming this “Batman Lamborghini Uber Prank!” come check out his pranks:

Thanks to Ninobuzz for the drone shots:

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20 Responses

  1. Kyle Chow says:


  2. ZART Gamer says:

    Can I please get subscribed so I can subscribe back. Say done when you
    subscribed, so I can do it back

  3. ExclusiveHeat23 says:

    anybody was hopping the light skin girls’ nipple would slip out when he
    went fast?

  4. nay984 says:

    cool..wish this type of stuff happens to me lol

  5. Leonardo DiCaprio says:

    That black lambo tho

  6. Angus Green says:

    Asian batman lol

  7. juan drama says:

    what is sky

  8. juan drama says:

    sky s Instagram is @skyesfallin

  9. waldigamerx says:

    I think people misunderstood the meaning of a ‘PRANK’

  10. Ben Ten says:


  11. Michael Ramirez says:

    You guys filmed in Walnut huh? I thought it looked familiar. Great video.

  12. Yannick Schulke says:


  13. Ethan Bradberry says:

    im ethan bradberry

  14. Ali Hd says:

    صديق انتا يفهم ايش انا قول

  15. laura anadioti says:

    Oh God I’m so jealous !

  16. blink180heights says:

    the black girl looks like she’s a regular hot girl but she is dressing like
    a straight gold digging whore.. what kind of guys is she trying to attract?
    good bye black americans, you guys are extincting yourselves.

  17. Tom Price says:

    i would fuck sky..

  18. Knight Shadow says:

    My mom said no watching porn and she walked in on the hot black girl, im
    gonna dineii 334sjdjjrk djid733ow nxjixrr 3e7idjcuc78

  19. TigerGenocide1989 says:

    Yo, that black chick was fuckin gorgeous!

  20. 43 million subscribers and no videos says:

    I came for the boobs