Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Official Final Trailer [HD]

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Official Final Trailer [HD]

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20 Responses

  1. Lashae Johnson says:

    Batman is brutal AF! Finally #WonderWoman talked! #BVS is so LIT! BTW I
    absolutely hate how Lex Luthor sounds, he reminds me too much of the
    Riddler…WTF Jesse?

  2. Abdul Muhaemin Malik says:

    I wanted to see more Doomsday…said no one ever

  3. Diceman770 says:

    Want to know what will happen in this fight or in any actual fight between
    these two Deus Ex Blessed Characters?

    Youtube Batman and Green Lantern V Superman.

  4. Lord Dragon says:

    Do you know the greatest killer in the animal kingdom? …Polar bears.

  5. Le Shun Bundage says:

    DEAD :P!!!!!!!!!

  6. Skux720 says:

    Glide kick window
    Plant explosive gel under weak floorboards
    Detonate and grapple through hole
    Special combo takedown
    Strike 3x
    Throw counter
    Environmental takedown
    Knife dodge
    Special combo takedown

  7. LEONN515 says:

    that final scene is the perfect time to introduce the kryptonite,remember
    the last trailer when supes says:STAY DOWN IF I WANTED YOU WOULD BE DEAD
    ALREADY,lets think that before that they had a fight an in this fight
    batman hit supes with some kryponite weapon, but supes dont care about it
    because he dont know the efects on him, then he pushes batman and say:STAY
    DOWN IF I WANTED YOU WOULD BE DEAD ALREADY, but batman get up,superman go
    there for the last hit,*batman stop the punch with his arm* batman says: i
    dont think so

  8. Girish Pattabiraman says:

    I wish Christian Bale was Batman. I can believe that he can defeat

  9. hero yuy says:

    the fight scenes are like watchmen fight scenes not the video game lol

  10. BlackyLee88 says:

    So this suit that batman wears is a bit like the hulkbuster from tony stark
    right? (I know tony’s from marvel, but I see the parallels^^)

  11. popo1310023 says:

    LOL 0:52 that is some awful acting… you can see it even in a trailer.

  12. Christopher Morris says:

    I think that I need to have a bib handy when watching these trailers. lol

  13. Sirpry says:

    Guess what spoiler they gave during 1:59-2:01?

  14. Asad Khan says:


  15. Uncle Lou says:

    Floor crate takedown…inverted takedown…batwing assisted takedown.

  16. Grand Tally says:

    Am I the only one who’s confused on why batman and superman would be

  17. FatTerroristGuy 01 says:

    The movie’s still fucked

  18. nicerhyms says:

    It seems like their on Darksides world too makes me worry there putting to
    much in this one movie, but the trailers look hot

  19. Quantumformer says:

    Yes! Yes! YES!!! Did I mention yes?

  20. IDEK IDEC says:

    Batman is so freaking strong