Batman v Superman – HISHE Review (Spoilers)

Batman v Superman – HISHE Review (Spoilers)

Batman v Superman HISHE is currently in development. It’s going to take some time to build this one. In the meantime we tried something new and made a little review/spoiler discussion of BvS to give you a little bit of a reaction to the film. Let us know if you’d like more reviews and perhaps we can make more someday. Otherwise, we are working on the future BvS HISHE so don’t you worry!

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20 Responses

  1. Legal Beagle says:

    It was a cool movie but wasn’t good at all. They took what should’ve been 3
    shorter movies (or even 2) and stuck it into one big mess of a film. And
    after practically hating Super man, the reason Batman becomes ‘friends’
    with him is so pathetic, shallow and unbelievable. Did think Ben Affleck
    was a good Batman for the age Bruce Wayne is supposed to be in the film.
    Also loved the darker take on Batman.

  2. Beau Machado says:

    For everyone saying this movie made sense and was amazing: Exactly how is
    it that Superman could hear the exact moment Lois Lane was in danger and
    flew across the globe to save her in the middle of a desert yet; he could
    not hear his own mother being kidnapped ??

  3. Bishop says:

    Man of Steel was the best Superman movie. Batman v Superman was so so.

  4. Ronit 5 says:

    Don’t care bout the haters loved this movie

  5. Takahashi nani ni shimasu ka? says:

    i prefer the darker stories. Its stupid to beat the bad guy let him live
    and then he wrecks havoc again. Thats why some sees the god guys as the bad

  6. Last Sight Online says:

    this Video Review was will done I have to agree that is is the dark before
    the dawn. I am a DC Fan I like the film and Ben and the rest of the cast
    was great. Death of The Sup was bad for me I was 13 when he died in the
    comics and I was getting all the comic at that time I Still have all the
    Death of Superman stuff, And Batman. So Hmm, I still like it and I have to
    go see it again like you did. I would like your comment on the leaked cut
    seen with Lex looks like he is talking with a Darkside minion holding three
    boxes like Justice League War I believe?

  7. David Graham says:

    Good review. I think we had similar experience/thoughts on the movie.

  8. Da Domster says:

    I thought that the film was really great. although I agree with you when
    you say batman was a bit too dumb

  9. Cobra Venom says:

    All marvel fans dised this video they should get a life DC all the way

  10. Vamshi Darisi says:

    better than most reviews

  11. artistafrustrado1 says:

    so what im getting from most reviews is to pretty much wait for the BluRay
    full version of the movie where they will re-add all the missing scenes
    that rush the movie, that & there are a few missing the point of Batman
    (hey kudos that part of the source material got adapted right from Miller’s

  12. Michael Sacal says:

    45 minute beatdown? Look at how people react to Transformers for doing
    exactly that. Whether these two fought for five minutes or 45, people would
    have still hated the movie.

  13. IRConfuzzled says:


  14. Andrew Collins says:

    Yeah I think it’s an okay film too. so that’s why it’s a5/10 for me,

  15. sports boy says:

    so now we know he does all the voices

  16. Peter Johnson says:

    I agree with your assessment. There was a lot happening on screen and I was
    just too busy to notice all of it. But that being said I still liked the
    movie. There was nothing too cheesy, the main two characters had a lot of
    setup. the other Justice League members were a bit vague but I think that
    is the point. Yes it was very dark for having superman in it but I think
    you are right with the whole dawn schema. Good move just far too many
    elements by the end and the batman vs Superman fight was very short but
    over all I felt still a good movie.

  17. Gabero Bustos says:

    like, the video, agree with you on the movie, about everything but one
    thing…. THAT FLASH IS AWFUL!!!!!!!!!

  18. Rudolf Trost says:

    Nice and honest review, HISHE, just what I expected of you. Once more you
    stated the facts as you saw them, like it or not.
    Zack Snyder is to superhero movies what Micheal bay is to action movies;
    too much crammed in too little space.
    While I liked his take on “Watchmen,” that work of wonder remains his one
    redeeming fact to date. I felt disappointed after watching Dawn of Justice,
    not getting what I expected… or, to be brutally honest, I did.

  19. Shalayne Johnson says:

    Nice review:)

  20. Grumpy Cat says:

    1 Like = A kiss from your crush!

    1 Sub = You get to fuck your crush!
    Ignore to die a virgin!