Batman V Superman – Sad Affleck

Batman V Superman – Sad Affleck

Ben Affleck reacts to negative reviews for Batman v Superman.

Original Interview here

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20 Responses

  1. FullMetal Bat says:

    I love this.

  2. vishnu haridas says:

    Man, fuck Zack Snyder. Ben did a kickass job.

  3. Avery Hinks says:

    They weren’t actually asked that question though right?

  4. Chi Trinh Linh says:


  5. FadeToBlackBolt says:

    Was an excellent film. The reviews will be looked back upon in twenty years
    as a horrible injustice. Once Upon a Time in the West suffered the same

  6. Klerik AU says:

    Sabconth about to go viral, strap in.

  7. Andrew Smith says:


  8. Abdullah Al-Marhuby says:

    so what did cavil say ?

  9. MCruben3k says:

    I actually feel sorry for not likeing the movie D:

  10. DjYolz says:

    Hey man he bulked up for the role and did a damn good job, he cant be
    blamed because of the story or the entire movie. Im looking forward to his
    own batman movie

  11. QueenofSnarks says:

    Poor Ben. With the popularity of superhero movies right now nobody was
    expecting this to bomb.

  12. Kristopher Awojobi says:

    That is actually so peak. At least he’s a good Batman. Fuck Snyder man.

  13. Sefi Tyrsman says:

    I loved his portrayal of batman! I hope he doesn’t take it too hard =( Best
    part of the movie

  14. John Mc says:

    Zack Snyder…you son of a bitch

  15. klojinum says:

    He did not fucking ‘kill it’, he has zero emotional range. You don’t pick a
    guy with zero emotional range to play a manic depressive schizoid.

  16. fa de says:

    LMAO – this movie sucks! DC Fanboys stop whining that everyone is against
    DC = Dead Comics
    DC = Dumb Cinema
    You make the choice !

  17. ivan denona says:

    whats wrong with your faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace???????????????????????

  18. Papa RyRy says:

    Perfect Dark.

  19. erosen yolo says:


  20. AndreasTube says:

    The buildup is bad, and there really is a bad reason for them to fight, but
    when they do, the movie kicks in, and i really like it. Will watch it