Baton Rouge police shooting: Officials ask residents to stay vigilant

Baton Rouge police shooting: Officials ask residents to stay vigilant

Baton Rouge Police spokesman L'Jean Mckneely urges residents to watch for suspicious activity, after a shooting left at least 3 officers dead on Sunday, July 17, 2016.

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20 Responses

  1. Bruce Edwards says:

    It’s crazy how the media just skipped right over the Whiteman that killed
    those officers in Michigan….

  2. EliteCarrotXD says:

    I’m gonna be a cop when I’m older. Anyone who wants these people dead are
    going on my kill list.

  3. sailinyogi says:

    The only people who don’t want racial harmony are black people.

  4. Claret Mug says:

    Were the shooters Black ?

  5. Goomulf Zeskaplan says:

    If Hillary ever gets elected, there will be more cop shootings. Trust me.
    We should not let her win this November because if she does, there will be

  6. Victoria Griffin says:

    I love it kill more police they less than human anyway fuckem an I’m white
    I just know right an wrong

  7. Owen Jones says:

    Cops are there to protect us they risk their lives for everybody if your
    reading this and your a police officer of any race stay safe out there and
    thank you for your service. God bless.

  8. hurricane1nox says:

    0:25 nobody notices the 240 driftin right behind them when he says notice
    any suspicious vehicles lol

  9. Ron K says:

    Can we all just get along?

  10. Shaina Short says:

    You are all dumb. Doing exactly what the government wants, falling into
    their race war and killing each other. What a shame.

  11. Nonya Business says:

    I read through these pitiful comments basically defending this latest
    shooters actions and I’m sickened. You little basturds don’t know shit
    about slavery or oppression. BLM is a terrorist organization rather you
    like it or not. Your neighborhoods are shitholes because of your culture
    and upbringing. 80% of black children don’t stand a fucking chance because
    of blacks!!!! Not whites, or politics, but because of the fucked up culture
    in so many black homes today. I’m BLACK you little mouthy basturds!!! It’s
    just the cold hard truth!!! MLK is ashamed today of you!!! Whites treat me
    just fine, as do the cops. Y’all just looking for someone to blame for
    y’all’s laziness and fucked up thinking.

  12. Ron Charles says:

    As I posted on another video, at very juncture, when there has been any
    incident that could possibly have a racial component, before any facts are
    known, President Barack Obama has always automatically assumed and asserted
    that the black person was in the right and that the white person was in the
    wrong. The case of his declaring that his son would like like Trayvon
    Martin and immediately taking sides was just one particularly egregious
    example. Obama has fanned hatred against white Americans and the police
    since he has been in office. He has endeavoured to have blacks never show
    responsibility or acknowledge that they play any role in their own
    condition, and to encourage them to blame America and white people for
    everything wrong in their lives. We are now seeing acts that have grown out
    of the environment that he has worked so hard to create.

  13. Ben Dover says:

    funny how we can’t pinpoint these shooters and groups when we can find
    everyone else with no problem

    it’s fixed. they’re putting innocent ppl in the line of fire due to their

  14. TME Prez Jp says:

    this officer handled this interview… straight up… no punches were
    held,, and he got his point across

  15. EnvyNinja says:

    Fuckin terrorists

  16. Nate Dawg (Fable Toon) says:

    Jesus Christ. These reporters are retarded. It’s like they are just brick

  17. nelly says:

    false flag, how stupid do they think we are?

  18. Robert Mosley says:

    THE WORLD needs to think about the truth ok (1) the last shall be FRIST,
    (2)the nation who thay service I will judge, Genesis 15:12-15 (3) who is
    YAHWEH ,til then we all must pray,this killing been going over2000 years
    now time is at HAND,This is not about black lives matter, ,because if wrong
    doing on their part thay will pay to, YAHWEH said it, man must turn away
    from his wicket ways,and the media will pay to for their wrong doing over
    the media, ,,THE CUSTOM OF MAN IS IN VAIN. all this media mess message
    and,,CNN, fox,and all the news channel that not with the truth, so you
    won’t to fix this go BACK to the beginning, their a lot of people that lost
    every thing because of being a slave, racial, racism, race, antirace or
    whatever, 500 years of slavery and black people in different places are
    still being treated like slave, only under. law’s and people in high
    places, so people are due for a big let down ,and this not just me talking,

  19. Connor King says:

    low pass filter please

  20. Carson Tanda says:

    BLM is becoming one of the worst terrorist organizations out there.