Bayern Munich vs. Paris Saint-Germain: Extended Highlights | UCL on CBS Sports

Bayern Munich vs. Paris Saint-Germain: Extended Highlights | UCL on CBS Sports

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Paris secure a famous victory! First Barcelona, now Bayern: Pochettino’s players clearly mean business in the UEFA Champions League this season, going some way to avenging that painful defeat in the final this season by ending the holders’ 19-match unbeaten run in the competition. Their opponents, though, will feel confident of applying as much pressure in the second leg as they did for much of this match, setting us up for another compelling contest in the return.

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55 Responses

  1. An Achilles Tendon says:

    Can we take a moment to appreciate Neymar’s passing? Mbappé may have gotten the goals but ney deserves the headlines

    • roberto5red5rocky says:

      No matter what this kid does. People will find a way to dis credit him. Wonder why 🤔

    • 268rrobles says:

      @Lionel Messi HAHAH PRICELESS

    • Jazlene Valenzuela says:

      @Eric garcia not true

    • Jazlene Valenzuela says:

      neymar helps the team actually

    • Marek Wojtowicz says:

      @Ade ToVAR Bayern middle and even shorthanded attack will do their part to keep them in the game. Unfortunately we see over and over again what a great injustice Alaba and Boateng bring to this team. They have won everything here so they are just trying to wrap up the season and move on. No way to stay competitive with PSG front with two clowns leading our backline. Blunder after blunder all season long.

  2. An Achilles Tendon says:

    this was genuinely a game of fifa

    • I can’t think of a creative name says:

      @Ermi most of the times he’s played he’s played well, his finishing is his only problem so far (and I’m pretty sure that’s just a mental issue because he had great shooting in training)

    • I can’t think of a creative name says:

      @Ermi who’s comparing mbappe with Vinicius?

    • Ermi says:

      @I can’t think of a creative name look at the comment I replied to

    • I can’t think of a creative name says:

      @Ermi oh sorry

    • Jose Porras says:

      @Lionel Messi PIONEL PESSI NOT TOP 200 IN MY BOOK

  3. The Wumpus says:

    This is just Poch getting revenge on Bayern for beating his Tottenham 7-2, and causing him to lose his Tottenham job.

    • Bob Ross’s Dad says:

      Ngl Bayern won’t lose the second leg so it ain’t gonna feel good for Sule to gift them 2 goals in the snow and Bayern’s attack to disappear because nobody can truly hit the target

    • hamberger 2 • 20 Years Ago says:

      @Ray Shellz yeah I wouldn’t say outclassed more like they got lucky. (Outclassed would be how bayern controlled like 80 percent ) but unfortunately were extremely unlucky.

    • Chad The African Bullfrog says:

      @Sergio Ramosplease point to where any comparison between tottenham and psg was made lmaoo

    • Xecon says:

      @Brian Rocha why is he a clown for thinking that LMAO. BAYERN dominated this game even if they didn’t win!! They had so many chances and shots on target that couldn’t be converted. PSG are lucky there’s no Lewa or Gnabry! They would’ve been crushed this time around and this was evident in the second leg vs Barcelona where PSG got dominated by a terrible Barca side!

  4. Voet Football says:

    The game *definitely* lived up to the hype

  5. Kaitane says:

    Navas was playing like a possessed prime Lev Yashin in goal. Really made a big difference for PSG along with Mbappe and Neymar.

  6. Realstuff34 says:

    Let’s appreciate how entertaining Bayern and PSG played in this match

  7. Sushant Medikondla says:

    Usually these types of games are nil nil or 1-0. What a game this was

  8. Luis Bernal says:

    This game was far more entertaining than last years final.

  9. Elpulimen says:

    The fact that Bayern had 31 shots, 12 shots on target, and 64% possession shows how mentalized they were to win the match, but PSG was looking for revenge and they got it.

  10. Othman Ghaus says:

    Alright I think it’s low key disrespectful that how much navas is underrated and under appreciated

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