Baylor wins the 2021 NCAA basketball championship | extended highlights

Baylor wins the 2021 NCAA basketball championship | extended highlights

Baylor dominated from wire to wire to defeat Gonzaga and win the 2021 National Championship! The Bears won their first title in program history behind 22 points from Jared Butler and 19 from MaCio Teague. Watch the extended highlights here.

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48 Responses

  1. FactoryOfSuffering1977 says:

    Every year, Gonzaga tries so hard and gets so far but in the end it doesn’t even matter because no matter how good they are and how unstoppable they look, they somehow find a way to fail to reach the finish line, EVERY SINGLE TIME

  2. Steven C Highley says:

    The game was decided in the first 5 minutes. Baylor dominated for 40 minutes.

  3. Jasen Jahn says:

    Zag fan almost all my life. That was embarrassing. 4+ players on Baylor’s team are NBA level. Hats off to Baylor. What a team.

    • N. Smith says:

      @J they are 5 DEEP WITH NBA GUARD/WING TYPE PLAYERS!!. Exactly what I meant. 5 NBA LEVEL ATHLETES. Gonzaga don’t have that

    • N. Smith says:

      @J I said this from the beginning. And it was proven last night. Gonzaga ATHLETICALLY cannot play with Baylor.

    • J says:

      @N. Smith I said Baylor was my pick to win since I first watched them in the round of 32. I have it documented in my saved Snapchats lol, but Gonzaga wasn’t that bad they had an off night for sure. You just sound like your flexing on your high horse because you saw that game last night to me

    • N. Smith says:

      @J Don’t care what you think. Picked them before the tournament. I saw the Big 12 tournament. I watch the games with my dad. Been saying it to him for weeks and he agreed with me. He played ball. I just know what I see. I saw a super athletic team playing together, guard play…everything u need. I saw how they were handling teams. And honestly, when I saw Final Four, everything I thought was crystalized for me so I knew I would be right. In the gym all week talking to my boy Michelle about how Baylor was gonna win it. When I saw what Baylor did to Houston, I had no doubts.

  4. Jean Michael says:

    Man baylor got some snipers on them😳😳😳

  5. EDDIE says:

    Everyone will say *”Gonzaga was gassed, UCLA took it out of them”* Nah, Baylor just showed them what a superior defense and hustle can do.

  6. WP SN says:

    Butler looked like he could have made all his buckets from half court tonight.

  7. Overhaul Kai says:

    “Defense wins championships” make sense now.

    • St4r says:

      Mark Jackson “ill take good offense over good defense any day”

    • Shrezzy0 says:

      @St4r bruh so you’ll take a good top 10 offense over a great defense? Defense creates the assists,turnovers,stops etc in any sport against the offense which can stop the momentum a lot for the other offense and get your offense the fire that they need to start scoring no matter if it’s a good or trash offense

    • Pasto says:

      not true anymore.

    • MitchellC says:

      @St4r aight and how many championships does Mark Jackson have as a coach

  8. Chris R says:

    Gonzaga wins every regular season game by 20 points. Then they get into the tournament and start playing real teams. Games get closer, and they eventually lose. Happens every time. Baylor was just insane though, so much talent.

    • Craig Carson says:

      @Banna Is Salty they played real teams in their non conference schedule and won them all

    • Burns Fam says:

      @Craig Carson name the future nba players cause Suggs and maybe Nembhart are the only ones timme kispert and the rest aren’t making the league unless it’s an overseas league

    • Craig Carson says:

      @Grind Hard dude, show some respect..Zags are far from trash..they have at least 4 legit NBA players on their team..not to mention they played power 5 teams in their non conference schedule and won them all…they got man handled this game, sure..but to say they are “trash” is completely idiotic and shows how low your basketball IQ is

    • dut dut 2.0 says:

      gonzaga had such an easy road to the final too. never played a seed higher than 5

  9. ScooterMagruder says:

    Baylor came to play!!!

  10. Larrell Floyd says:

    It looked like Baylor had 4 James Hardens 😂😂😂

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