BBC announces the death of Queen Elizabeth II

BBC announces the death of Queen Elizabeth II

The news anchor Huw Edwards said Buckingham Palace had released a statement confirming that the Queen had died peacefully at Balmoral Castle on Thursday afternoon.
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The palace had made an announcement earlier in the day stating that doctors were concerned about her health. Members of the royal family travelled to Balmoral shortly after the initial announcement as concerns grew throughout the day.

Queen Elizabeth II, Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, dies aged 96 ►

Queen Elizabeth II dies aged 96 – latest updates ►

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29 Responses

  1. William Ramsay says:

    We knew it wouldn’t be long but to still hear him say those actual words just seems unbelievable. A woman who’s been there for all our memorable lives.

    • Palidor says:

      @FMan Resurrected She supported that scam movement? Rest in pieces then

    • MattVCapture says:

      Thank you Elizabeth..

      Thank you for your wise council, albeit given to us via newspaper, or in a 30 second window on news at 6. Thank you for your heroic skydive alongside 007, an image so many of us will cherish knowing the number of gold medals we won as opposed to any other year in Olympic history. Thank you for your patience with Prince Andrew. At least you won’t have to hear about his sweat problem that he thinks absolves him of being the 20th century royal scandal. And of course thank you for the many corgi selfies. They touch the hearts of all Instagram users across the country when we are busy being investigated for planning our workbosses fatal car crash most days. Now if your son could kindly fetch his royal baton and start beating our parliament members to within an inch of their lives, for what is basically the euthanasia of Britain in its entirety we might just survive the next decade or so…

    • Zeke Yaeger says:

      @ScholaroftheWorld — Alternate History Honestly thought she was reptilian

    • TheAnt says:

      @B So they’ve done that to you

    • B says:

      Bootlicker , I’m guessing they hadn’t been taking your taxes for vacation and diamonds

  2. василий says:

    A rather strange feeling I have now… I am not British, but Her Majesty has been the epitome of Britain throughout my life. She was a symbol of Britain and her image was inextricably linked to Britain for decades to the 90% of the world’s population. I offer my condolences to all the subjects of Her Majesty. She was a respected monarch, a worthy woman and lived a beautiful and long life

    • Lady Lisa Romance says:

      I concur and I’m American. I’m shattered by her death. I take comfort knowing she’s with Prince Philip. There was only ever one queen for me. If I heard “The Queen,” I thought Elizabeth. Rest in Heaven, Queen Elizabeth 👸 🙏 ❤️

    • irene bradshaw says:

      Thank you 🇬🇧

  3. ADL says:

    Didn’t think she’d die this year, it felt like she’ll live longer. Yet here we are. Rest in Peace to the Queen.

  4. dragonsman says:

    the queen that lived for so long that people were starting to think she was imortal, RIP legend.

  5. SterlingWhitehead says:

    She is a woman that many including me admired greatly. Her annual Christmas speeches were the stuff of legend. Condolences from America.

  6. JMUDoc says:

    She was ninety-six, and still, a _British_ newsreader is on the verge of tears.
    This is how much she meant to us.

    • Raquel Nunes says:

      @S Kitty why not?! Hes now gone down in history. Dont assume every person is a fan of the monarchy.

    • Kevin M. says:

      @griechland it was very kind of her to finally decolonize those countries after their resources were leached away

    • Osric says:

      @Andrew Isotope Well it was on the cards. The message from her doctors without moving her to a hospital was an absolutely clear sign the end was near. It was patently obvious with the most cursory of reading between the lines.

    • griechland says:

      @project Logic Ah yes, do tell what country the United Kingdom colonized during her reign. Then maybe look at the list of countries that the United Kingdom de-colonized during her reign.

    • Вася Васницов says:

      Im not even british but i feel so bad for her, RIP

  7. Мистер Огонёчек says:

    My condolences to everyone in the UK grieving the loss of their wonderful Queen. She represented dignified strength and stability in a now crazy world. Love from Canada!

  8. Tim H says:

    Words can’t express my love and admiration for this incredible woman. It was a privilege to have her serve our country so well, for so long. She was the best of us. May she rest in peace, she is with Philip again.

  9. Psycho Lamborghini says:

    The queen lived quite a long life. Its amazing to think about all the events people who’ve lived such long and healthy lives have witnessed and been through. R.I.P.

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