BBC Bat-Crocodile War

BBC Bat-Crocodile War

What would a nature documentary be like if the animals were armed with our favourite weapons?

Original Video:

BBC Two:

BBC YouTube:

Reddit thread/gif:

Laser sound at 0:40 (and croc lasers onward):

Many sounds from Halo 4 including Plasma Pistol, Bolt Shot Rifle, Fuel Rod Cannon, Carbine Rifle (zoom and shots), and Armour Abilities.

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20 Responses

  1. I See Tenzins Everywhere says:

    So obvious this is fake, blood doesn’t splatter like that.

  2. Joshua Micah says:

    The beauty of nature.

  3. Tastylicious Studio says:

    Hahaha awesome!

  4. Life & Zheng says:

    Didn’t realize Michael Bay started directing animal documentaries.

  5. iilikecereal says:

    please do more vids like this lol Ima sub to see if you do more!

  6. Newt2799 says:

    Guys I’m pretty sure this is fake, bats don’t fly during the day.

  7. PLAINMooRE says:

    Is…is this not true to nature?

  8. Art Zavala says:


  9. Austin Phattavong says:


  10. Michael Fordude says:

    nature, directed by Michael Bay

  11. KingofDuelZZ says:

    Thing’s are very different in Britain.

  12. Jay Exonauts says:

    Gamma World-able! #lasergators #plasmabats

  13. Senid .H says:

    better than the new movie of godzilla

  14. Master Chrono says:

    Can you make moar videos like dis?
    This video looks legendary.

  15. Kylev2 says:

    Transformers 5: Beast Wars

  16. Jzork says:

    This is glorious.

  17. hollyvelocitygrl says:

    Is there a multiplayer?

  18. Mardiana Dachi says:


  19. Tommy Toranger says:

    Crazy how nature do dat.

  20. Ben Swain says:

    Crocodile laser at 40:00… wow