BBC News reporter blooper

BBC News reporter blooper

BBC presenter 16/05/2017

During an interview in Bradford covering the launch of Labours manifesto.

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20 Responses

  1. Land967 says:

    You know this video will end up trending, get popular and only then will the woman press charges for sexual assault.

  2. WatchDog says:

    Boob out of the way woman!!

  3. Exildur says:

    Ma’am, I think its breast you just leave…

  4. Tripz74 says:

    She turned into a little kid doing that nursery girl *’I hate you’*

  5. Dan Wallace says:

    what the actual fuck he looked, saw the tittie, and went in with a cupped hand ?

  6. RolfyCx says:

    Lemme just grab a titty

  7. Alex Harris says:

    this has been digitally messed around with when he touches her boob, watch frame by frame (>)

    EDIT: no one’s noticed?!

  8. Timothy Kay says:

    Poor chap, he must have felt a right tit after this

  9. HitMeQuick says:

    Gratuitous, opportunistic tit touching. While interviewing. And they say men can’t multitask.

  10. Luke Pilkington says:

    Poor dud he’ll get so much shit for that

  11. Michael Chiklis says:

    If this guy gets fired/has to apologise for this just remember…a BBC reporter is held to higher standards than the president of the United States.

  12. Ben Heath says:


  13. S. Rodgers says:

    if it had of been a man hitting a female reporter for gently moving him out the way there’d be a SWAT team in.. silly entitled bitch

  14. Viral says:

    Well, that situation went tits up.
    The woman tried to nip in.
    The news correspondent made the breast of a bad situation.

    Ok I’ll stop.

  15. CompCop says:

    _I’m a male and find this offensive because I know how it feels to have random guys touch my man boobs._

  16. poposisa says:

    Breasts are not sexual organs according to feminists. Nothing to see here.

  17. Manwell says:

    Obviously he meant nothing by it, just an honest mistake. Why was the woman purposely interrupting a broadcast anyway?

  18. Jesse Garcia says:

    He should of grab her by the pussy lol

  19. Quantum says:

    See you can’t even touch a girl because every part of their body is for sex

  20. That Car Guy says:

    She clearly gives consent at 0:09 to touch her tits.

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