beabadoobee – Glue Song

beabadoobee – Glue Song

beabadoobee – Glue Song (Official Video)
Out now –

Directed by Bea and Jake x

DOP / Editor – Jake Erland @jakerland
Director’s Agents – Polly Millner @pollymillner + Sam Davey @samboydavey
Production Company – OB @obmanagement
Service Production Company – Blend Films @blend.films
EP’s – Sam Holmes @kvlto + Marija Djikic @marija.djikic
Producer – Liam Wallace-Cook @liamwallacecook
PA – Laura Manners @lauramannersphotography

Shot on @kodak 16mm Film
Dev + Scan – Cinelab @cinelabuk

Colourist – Tim Smith @timotheous
Colour Producer – Charlie Morris @no8ldn

Runner Driver – Gabriel Browne @gabe_browne

Dirty Hit 2023


I’ve never known someone like you
Tangled in love stuck by you
From the glue
Don’t forget to kiss me
Or else you’ll have to miss me

I guess I’m stuck forever
By the glue, oh, and you

Finding the right words
To use for this song
I have you in mind
So it won’t take so long
Never thought I’d find you
But you’re here
And so I love you

I’m not wrong
When I say I’ve been stuck
By the glue onto you
I’ve been stuck by the glue
Right onto you
I’ve been stuck by the glue

I’ve never known
I’ve never known
I’ve never known someone like you, you
I’ve never known

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26 Responses

  1. iheart.jayden says:

    bea i have an idea. you know how you have like a whole bunch of love songs, you should release them and make an EP called “Love, Bea” isn’t that so good

  2. s3phi says:

    holy crap im actually tearing up rn, thank u so much bea and jake for making this music video. It makes me so happy to see filipino representation in such a big form of media. I’m so glad to see an absolutely amazing filipino artist show our country and culture to your audience worldwide with your music. You’re a huge inspiration to us all, bea. Thank you for making this lovely, heart-reaching song and music video. 💕

  3. charistired2 says:

    i love the filipino culture and showing us the Philippines to us. as a fellow filipino, you’ve done such a great job, thank you bea! xx

  4. ChongyunsSister says:

    thank you so much for showing Filipino representation, im Hispanic but this means much to all of us bea, we love you!! thank you for showing this amazing culture. this song is great bea <3

    • Danielle says:

      @rippqueen / hoser we actually rarely have Spanish dna if a Filipino do have it it’s less than 3%. We mostly have Chinese

    • Danielle says:

      @Jinxo Culicàn Tagalog is an austronesian language that only has 10% Spanish loan words and Tagalog is not the language we have we got like hundreds of other languages

    • tomi says:

      @Danielle they literally never said Filipinos are Hispanic ? what r u on

    • starry says:

      you guys need to calm down. they didn’t mean that Filipino ppl are related to Hispanic ppl. they’re just saying that, although they’re Hispanic and not Filipino, they support her culture and they appreciate that she used her video as a moment to share culture and places in the Philippines

    • starry says:

      they didn’t mean that Filipinos are similar to Hispanic people they’re just saying they respect their culture.

  5. iuvea says:

    As a filipino, ty so much bea for showing filipino representation. mahal na mahal kita bea❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. lora says:

    first of all, thank you for showing Filipino representation. as a Filipino myself, it makes me so happy seeing an incredible artist who is fully Filipino herself, show our beautiful country, culture and people to the world through her music and art.

    and of course you’ve created another heartwarming and loving song. you never fail to impress us Bea. thank you for providing us with this song along with the help of your boyfriend to whom you’ve dedicated it to. I wish you both true happiness in your relationship and even more success to your outstanding music career. <3

  7. Rose Kim says:

    There’s someone that comes into my mind and i feel comfort the first time i hear this song, so i decided to dedicate this song to my special someone and sing it to him before it got released and i can’t explain how happy I am, it’s like the happiness I feel is overflowing. Tysm for this adorable and heartwarming song! love you, Bea.^^

  8. Nitu Chakma says:

    This song is very hurt touching and made my valentines very very amazing and loveful

  9. Mr. Bronze says:

    I miss the Philippines! I went there for Christmas break and I got to meet so much of my family. It was a fun time. Thank you for the amazing music Beabadoobee!

  10. Amélie says:

    it made me and my dad so happy to see pinoy representation. i showed to my family and they couldnt stop smiling. ive been going through a rough patch in my life and this helped alot. thanks bea:)

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