BEAR SCARE! – Grizzly with Cubs

BEAR SCARE! – Grizzly with Cubs

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In this segment of On Location, Coyote and the crew have a VERY tense Bear scare in the backcountry of Alaska!

Encounters with mother grizzly bears and their cubs are one of the most dangerous wildlife situations a hiker can find themselves and the worst thing you can do in these situations…IS TO RUN!

Will Coyote and the Brave Wilderness team have the nerve to stand their ground and follow bear encounter protocol?

Get ready to find out in this extremely dangerous moment!

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20 Responses

  1. Dominatorgator says:

    I know that 99% of people won’t read this
    But hello 1%

  2. Michael D says:

    “Get back bear!!!” they don’t speak English lmao

  3. Ryan Safar says:

    I would not even do what you do for 50,000 dollars or euros.

    I’m a little wussy:(

  4. Alkiel Jan says:

    I’m waiting for the Bullet Ant ? bite or sting or stung what ever you call

  5. Lily loves Rainbows says:

    I’m early let me make a joke

    Donald trump as president

  6. iAppleJailbreaker says:

    When’s the Bullet Ant coming……..

    I’m waiting sooo baddd

  7. Licking Guy says:

    You guys got LUCKY!!

  8. Trouble - Agario says:

    Can you guys one time come to Norway one time? Some places it’s beutyfull

  9. JDI TV says:

    OMG this guy one day is gonna die

  10. MayDell says:

    Coyote Peterson and the crew are officially trained…
    2 seconds later: “BACK UP BEAR!”

  11. Deshawn SSS says:

    I wouldn’t last an hour in the wild with this guy

  12. _Umer _ says:

    Wow you bearly made it out

  13. REALenvizible says:

    Coyote, I’m sure a bear bite would have prepared you enough for the bullet
    ant, you didn’t want to try?

  14. Challenge Accepted says:

    This is why you bring a stick so you can draw a circle

  15. Eileen W says:

    bahahaha I love how he’s yelling at the bear like it can understand him ?

  16. Sensei Jack says:

    You could say they’re…

    un-bearable :)

  17. Zachary Sabre says:

    id bring a gun with me just in case

  18. I Am Haze says:

    You should have called Bear Grylls

  19. DR. Vance says:

    Yelling doesn’t always work. I walked up on a mother grizzly while hiking
    in Alaska and I had enough time to yell hey and that’s when it felt like I
    was hit by a truck. Lucky for me I was knocked down on a cliff ledge and
    she couldn’t get me. She was pissed and pacing back and forth trying to
    figure out a way to get me. She finally left. Thank God but I was scratched
    up pretty bad and had to get 70 staples and had 4 broken ribs.

  20. Quinn Lane says:

    Dont you just wish bears were less aggressive so you could have them as a
    pet… There so cute