Bearded Men Try Going Clean-Shaven

Bearded Men Try Going Clean-Shaven

“Who are you?!”

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63 Responses

  1. Joanna Williams says:

    Umm Matt please don’t ever shave it again 😭

  2. Abby Barron says:

    Both of the white guys look better with a beard, but they are cute regardless

  3. This is Me says:

    Treye look even more scrumptious with a clean shave 💦💦💦😭😁😋

  4. amanda Derp says:

    I liked the beards but they all look better without it

  5. Airyo says:

    I love that Jake Gyllenhaal is in this video shaving his beard!

  6. Christopher Koo says:

    sponsored by dollar shave club

  7. Songbird52 says:

    The guy in the thumbnail looks good regardless

  8. Aba Kada says:

    Beards the contour for men

  9. Ange N.O. says:

    This made me sad…I love beards. But Treye tho! 😉

  10. Fogen Bogen says:

    Matt looks cute

  11. ziljin says:

    No shave forever!

  12. keeponrockin says:

    Matt the “16 year old” is giving me major Jake Gyllenhaal vibes

  13. JenCath says:

    Someone send this video to Felix 😂

  14. Captain Catbug says:

    Matt do us all a favor and keep your face shaved!!!!😍😍

  15. J channel says:

    cringe when she said “it doesn’t look great” to his face i felt bad for him

  16. NEVERwillIletUgo says:

    the black dude looked soooo stylelish with that hat and clean shave a couple days later. dang.

  17. Alice Greyheart says:

    Treye looks way better clean shaven! LOVE IT

  18. Sara Hooker says:

    Reed should have kept the beard, Treye looks better clean shaven, and Matt looks great either way.

  19. ian lee says:

    From men to children.

  20. Albus Dumbledore says:

    *uhhumm daaddy treye*

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