Bears trade No. 1 overall pick in NFL Draft to Carolina Panthers | NFL | SPEAK

Bears trade No. 1 overall pick in NFL Draft to Carolina Panthers | NFL | SPEAK

Emmanuel Acho, LeSean McCoy, Joy Taylor and Ric Bucher react to news the Chicago Bears are trading the first overall pick in the NFL Draft to the Carolina Panthers in exchange for WR D.J Moore, the ninth overall pick and additional draft compensation.

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Bears trade No. 1 overall pick in NFL Draft to Carolina Panthers | NFL | SPEAK


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51 Responses

  1. SPEAK says:

    Listen to the Club Shay Shay podcast:

  2. Lo Fi says:

    as a bears fan this feels too good to be true. having a intelligent and efficient front office just doesn’t feel natural. if we can get some good linemen on both sides then we can really start talking.

    • bigdogstatus83 says:

      @Birdie Yeah, the Bears should have had you to help them with this process. You seem to know that Bears didn’t try or didn’t know what they were doing. 😂

    • Suddfambullies says:

      Just Hass to be one of the worst panels in sports television Justin Fields problems, do not come from him, not throwing the ball accurately. His problem comes from the worst office of line in football. These two clowns on the left played football and they don’t mention that fact

    • Jon Juko says:

      @Suddfambullies his O-line isn’t bad, he just takes forever to get the ball out. Hopefully that changes with some weapons

    • Ben Lee says:

      Supposedly the Bears are willing to outbid everyone for Orlando Brown. At 9 they could take a T like Paris Johnson. Fields is going to be put into a good situation at this rate

  3. Truuee says:

    Big thumbs up to Ryan Poles and a million thanks from the Bears fans are owed to Lovie Smith, the Best Bears Coach since the 80’s.

  4. DaGreat says:

    The Bears needs some O-lineman. If they want to have a chance

    • 728huey says:

      ​​@highly wanted criminalI think that depends on free agency. If the Bears can land some big time offensive linemen in free agency, they will draft Jalen Carter at number 9 if he falls that far or take Myles Murphy or Tyree Wilson. If they still need o-line help they’ll take Peter Skoronski at number 9.

    • Mark Evans says:

      Mike Martz great quote…. the O line is the center of the 🏈🏈 universe..

    • R_4_R says:

      @ryan zeiger 76M in cap now but still correct

    • ryan zeiger says:

      100 mill could sign a couple good oline

    • R_4_R says:

      @Craig Walker Jason Kelce is 35. these players are 5+ years younger expect Lewan. so whose the old ones?

  5. No Captivity-B says:

    I didn’t know DJ Moore was going into year three, I could’ve sworn he got drafted in 2018 and already got an extension.😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • No Captivity-B says:

      @rastheking The reason why people(I) was quick to be critical is because it’s deserved. He gets paid to know details like that and not have to be corrected, otherwise don’t say it at all if you don’t know. I’m football fan, not even a panthers fan and I knew that information was wrong off the rip. I think it’s fair for a regular fan to call out a professional for not knowing exactly what he’s talking about.

    • D B says:

      The producers in his ear corrected him

    • Cortez says:

      @Corey P No, someone in his ear corrected him and he stated the correction. Acho sounded like a casual there

    • RealOne_DC says:

      Yeah … That’s Shady again not knowing what he’s talking about as usual. DJ just signed an extension last off season.. he’s locked in for next 3 years

    • Adam Mason says:

      Not only that, the Bears don’t pay the bonus’ on this contract. It’s a super cheap, team friendly 3 years with the most paid in 2023 which helps us hit our required cap payments and gives space for the future. LOVE this.

  6. Andre Johnson says:

    Joy killed this segment and as a 30yr old lifelong bears fan now I’m excited. Great take

  7. LeeTravius Mckay says:

    The Bears got Justin Fields a no.1 WR so now they can just focus on the oline and get an Edge rusher

    • B K says:

      ​@K Love I think people shredded your argument pretty well, I’d only add that during that 10 game losing streak where the coaching staff was tanking, Fields was still putting up over 30 points.

    • Isaac Escobar says:

      @K Love tripping if your saying the WRs were getting opened ? There’s not a guy on our team who won even 50% of their matchups, these guys do not get open but they also don’t have the time considering the poor pass protect we have

    • Christian Solid says:

      @Jimmy Butler i am not a fan of Okereke rather draft a LB 🤷‍♂️

    • Ed Estrella says:

      ​@K Love this hobbit is a causal

    • Ed Estrella says:

      ​@K Love lmao he was literally the only reason the games were remotely close.

  8. Michael Franzese says:

    Couldn’t be a better move. Excellent GMing here. Great young WR corps, great running game. But, they also hedged their bet without actually paying for the insurance. I personally think it clicked for Fields last season, but in the event he is not their guy now they have a plethora of 1’s and 2’s to find the right guy. I personally think that’s going to be a scary offense next season, which will let them use that haul on also getting a monster defense. Great move.

    • Gabe Sheaffer says:

      Panthers fan here….that 2024 first rounder will undoubtedly be a top 3 pick lol imma Carolina bears fan now I guess xD

    • Michael Franzese says:

      @Antonio Cartel 2 1’s and 2 2’s isn’t a full arsenal? Carolina will be picking in the top 5 again.

    • Antonio Cartel says:

      Was definitely better moves. They don’t have plethora of pics, they got a extra 1 and 2 2s stop

  9. Jeremy Harbin says:

    Carolina obviously sees whoever they choose as the next great QB! Just because you may not believe there’s a clear cut favorite, Carolina may!!

  10. CHIEFS COUNTRY says:

    Smart move ‼️ Now you can build a legit team through the draft.

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