Bears vs. Giants Week 13 Highlights | NFL 2018

Bears vs. Giants Week 13 Highlights | NFL 2018

The Chicago Bears take on the New York Giants during Week 13 of the 2018 NFL season.

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57 Responses

  1. ThatOneChannel17 says:

    Can’t believe they blew Cohen’s TD dead.

  2. Micah Cameron says:

    7:00 He wasn’t down! That could’ve changed the course of the game!

  3. Tymir ALSTON says:

    That run by Barkley and the Rosas field goal really boosted our confidence going in the half. GG Bears. Surprising the Cowboys and Giants both defeated playoff teams this week.

  4. Tymir ALSTON says:

    You can never trust my Giants holding a lead even if it’s Chase at Qb.

  5. Bee Yang says:

    One bad bears game turn them back to September mode.

  6. Darth Celsius says:

    Why did the bears pick up Jay Cutler again

  7. G - Toney says:

    Bears Defense didn’t show up and show out today ☹☹

    • LiL Nasty says:

      They were tired from our offense forcing them to be on the field almost all game

    • C Givens says:

      They did chase just ain’t Mitch TRU!!!

    • G - Toney says:

      +C Givens they let the weak Giants put up 23 points . Chase gave up a pic 6.. only reason I say that. The Bears Defense let Barkley run wild on them. Plus let them drive down the field for a field goal in O.T. after seeing what special teams and Chase just did. They had time to rest no excuses


      +G – Toney barkley didn’t get no 50 yard tds but he still had 150 purpose yards and got 5.2 yards a carry

  8. mp_Daggar says:

    Tarik Cohen is the most underrated player in the NFL

  9. Nick Barrie says:

    Bears lose on comeback against Packers, lose to Miami with a missed field goal, lose to Patriots that became 1 yard short, and lose to Giants in OT after coming back. Why do all our losses have to be dramatic?

  10. Vince Moscar says:

    This game featured:
    a 57 yard field goal
    a TD pass from a WR
    a TD pass from a HB
    a pick six by a linebacker
    a one-handed interception from a linebacker
    an onside kick recovery
    a backup QB
    4 Chicago fumbles recovered by themselves
    and finally, a DT getting a rushing TD

  11. Christopher Morales says:

    I blame chase for this game but Tribuskiy will play vs the rams and I’m scared about that game.

  12. Anonymous Prime says:

    The bears least gut wrenching loss of the season so far has been the Hail Mary that was 1 yard short against the pats 😑

  13. chinabuzz says:

    Nice win Giants, but when you’re up 27-17 with just over two minutes, you don’t end up in overtime.

  14. We are getting aggravated says:

    NFC East handing out upsets like Oprah. “You get an upset! You get an upset! You get an upset!”

  15. zeus44tko2 says:

    Good game. Cohen is a beast

  16. Mr. Miniguy says:

    The true MVP of this game is Aldrick Rosas

  17. Christian Davis says:

    Saquon Barkley is a beast

  18. Dylan Johnson says:

    Cohens deep catch was a touchdown no one touched him 7:00 terrible call by the refs

  19. earlando salazar says:

    Ugh this game hurts to lose but on the bright side the whole division lost so my Bears keep the same lead and the Packers fired McCarthy 🐻⬇

  20. Amazing Guy says:

    Lost in everyone’s minds is the fact that B.J Hill had three sacks against a good o line.

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