Bears vs. Packers Week 1 Highlights | NFL 2018

Bears vs. Packers Week 1 Highlights | NFL 2018

The Chicago Bears take on Green Bay Packers during Week 1 of the 2018 NFL season.

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88 Responses

  1. Alex Hoang says:

    Goats lives approx 15-18 years. Rodgers is 34…someone explain that to me

  2. Andy Hsia says:

    Is there any doubt who is the best quarterback in the league?

    • Blaze says:

      Yeah it’s Nathan Peterman. Quit bringing up these trashbags like arod and Brees and understand greatness. Retards. Lel

    • Six Ronin says:

      +u fukin wot m8? how has he not earned that title? He’s the most talented player to ever play the qb position. You can’t tell me that Brady can make all the throws Aaron makes. Plus Rodgers is mobile, and he rarely throws Int’s. He has the highest passer rating in NFL history by over 7 points.

    • Josh says:

      Yeah it’s called Tom Brady

    • Oasis_Spooky says:

      Andy Hsia that even proves more.If a 40 year old man can comeback from a 28-3 in a superbowl against one of the top defenses that year that even proves that he is the goat.

  3. Slanted View says:

    That was both the best and worst Bears game in years. As a fan I’m fine with it though, after the initial dissapointment. 1st game in a new offensive system and some very promising progress. Though I think skipping the 4th preseason dress rehearsal didn’t help. By the 3rd quarter it was their longest time on the field.Mack and Smith weren’t going to be in game shape after only 1 week in camp and it showed in the second half. My only concerns were less than aggressive coaching in the 2nd half on both sides of the ball. And the ghost known as Leonard Floyd.

    • Jermaine Nixon says:

      +delray30 wtf you talking bout. he wouldn’t see double and triple blocks if he wasnt great as proclaimed to be. he dint know play book , no real prac, and not in game shape. was he still dominant? yes. he apply pressure and has to be game planned for. GB coach knows how and when to adjust. prince blew game to me. we need a better #2 and 3cb even vs arod. prince played scary down stretch picked on and picked apart that side of feild. why was he so far back in red zone and couldnt make tackles. smh

    • delray30 says:

      Nixon LOL…. Triple blocks…. GTFOH….. He got not a one of those last night….. in fact, all I seen was single blocks….. not even a chip block moron….. Packers O almost never do that and EXPECT the blockers to do their job and rarely get help except on very carefully thought out design plays…… Which is usually in the first 15 scripted plays of the game. For the most part, Rodgers is expected to feel pressure and maneuver out of them. Mack had NOTHING on Rodgers…… but of course, Mack was new to the Packers and our backup was not expected to play against him….. Mack is way overpriced, plain and simple….. you’ll see. Numbers have went down every year….. may get a temporary bump coming to a new division but they’ll figure him out in short order.

    • Mo Mo Mo Ur Boat says:

      Therealmadkid that defense actually wasn’t that shitty. They did a good job locking up our receivers. The only problem was us being too cute at the end and not running it on 3rd and 1 twice. Plus Fuller dropped the game winner. We slowed down and it was the worst mistake we could’ve made. They will see what they did wrong and hopefully improve on their weaknesses as they move forward

    • Jose Figueroa says:

      delray30 you sound really dumb

  4. Rolando mota says:

    I dont care about bears or packers im a RAIDERS fan, but im just glad Mack got to tear it up! He cant do everything alone. Bears better fix that damn offense. Trubizky sucks.

  5. Jackson Nickel says:

    I’m just saying, Khalil Mack had great pursuit on that 75 yard touchdown to Randal Cobb.

    • GTR0K says:

      ica p trying to stop flat plays I guess?

    • NBA_Legend X says:

      LegendaryOldwarrior he was not about to get pressure lol

    • Joshua Jacobs says:

      If you re-watch the play, you can see he rushed hard up the field, but when he saw #88 coming out of the backfield, and Rodgers looking his way, he backed off to close up the lane to the easy pass for a first down. Rodgers being the good player he is, bought more time and found Randall Cobb open instead. Mack wasn’t tired or anything of the sort at that time, he was just playing smart. He’s going to be well worth every penny.

    • Asher Mckayle says:

      ooman8 he drop back because he was going to cover someone else

  6. Skillet Biscuit says:

    My friends and I watched this game in our dorm room at Illinois State. First half ends and we were out of our minds hyped about blowing out the rivals. Never in my Bears fan lifetime have I seen anything like the half of football I just watched. Everyone else who was watching in their dorms came out to eat at halftime just like us. The on campus subway was BUZZING with proud bear fans in orange and blue. I had never seen anything like it before. Everyone was smiling talking about Mack’s insane first half and how Trub was running the O. It was beautiful and everyone was happy. After a couple GO BEARS chants with random people on the walk back we went to the dorm and proceeded to watch the second half. The rooms joy quickly turned into uneasiness which then turned into panic. It was like watching a football movie featuring Aaron Rodgers; literally, the guy played one of the gutsiest games I’d ever seen. As soon as Rodgers had the ball in his hands with a chance to win the game I told everyone in the room it was over. I’d seen Rodgers carve up my defense since I was 9 years old, I knew the routine all too well.. So just like clockwork Cobb scored Packers won and everyone in the room cussed out Green Bay and then all let out a uniform sigh. After a long moment of silence I then stood up in front of all my bear fan peers and said “I think Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback in the league without a question” No one in the room said anything but everyone still shook their heads in agreement. The only thing that’s going to beat Aaron Rodgers in our division is time, we just have to wait till he hangs em up or get lucky. Go Bears :/

    • Mo Mo Mo Ur Boat says:

      I think we can beat him if we can keep it consistent. If we can put up this kind of fight in our first game with a whole new team then why not? We can only get better

    • Jackie Oliphant says:

      Aron Rogers ain’t even in the top 5 quatetbacks playing . Chicago just gave him all day in the shoot guns. So he’s no Brady , sure will never be a Brees. He’s an over hyped diva. not a fan of either team just saying. He’s play off record is what . All ya sucks

    • Leif Herring says:

      Dam this sounds like a pain level of 9 on the Cleveland scale

    • erique itibus says:

      Jackie Oliphant you probably never seen Rogers play.

    • Jerad Jones says:

      Skillet Biscuit YJMJ learn the Christian universal law of accumulation. Jesus said ; To he who has more will be given. To he who has not ; what he has had is taken away. “The packers are the haves of NFL. The bears are the haves of losses to great Packer QBs.It takes more than loosing the conductor to stop a train at full steam ahead Ryder Gambit 3:16

  7. rinku singh says:

    An amazing comeback Proud to be Packers fan. GO PACK GO 🏈

  8. farley toussaint says:

    Aaron Rodgers is the greatest Quarterback I’ve ever seen with my two eyes 👀

  9. The Martas says:

    Unbelievable!! Go Pack!

  10. zFlash_18 says:

    The Bears have a squad but the Packers have Aaron Rodgers

  11. mikebing1230 says:

    Fuller dropping that pick will haunt him all year.

  12. Mari Breon says:

    ARod is the best QB in the league

  13. Sgt. Dog Face says:

    I like packer fans. Instead of spamming about how the bears blew they lead, they treat it like any other game. Very respectable, hope you guys go far. Arod is the goat

  14. Connor Mccann says:

    Are you kidding me why is Rodgers so good

  15. Trombone Kingdom says:

    Amazing game. I’m so glad
    That we could make a comeback that great. Nobody should be trashing the bears though. They were playing out of their minds.

    • Bretharian Esau says:

      Mack played out of his mind, the rest of the Bears are noobs.

    • Markymark69 Ss says:

      Trombone Kingdom yeah it was a fun game to watch I don’t understand why people are saying Rodgers destroyed the bears defense when they couldn’t tackle in the open field to save their lives but not like I watched the game or anything 🤣 it’s going to be a fun year can’t predict how season goes based off week 1 cough cough chiefs blew out patriots last year week one and look what happen

    • Max Malate says:

      Trombone Kingdom damn that made my day. The bears are just young and I wasn’t happy with Matt nagys coaching in q4.

  16. MegaSmileyfish says:

    This game was just a complete emotional roller coaster

    • Stacy Honeycutt says:

      Once Aaron Rodgers returned to the field, even though, basically on one leg, I knew the game was about to get crazy. Aaron Rodgers = 🐐🐐🐐

    • Alexander Vang says:

      Dude. I experienced every goddamn emotion. Anger (both sides of the ball looked terrible), disappointment, grief (literally thought Rodgers was done for the season), excitement, nervousness, and bliss.

  17. Polar Bear says:

    This game was crazy, but i knew it was going to happen.

  18. Its Rynoz says:

    Honestly as a packers fan I thought they where gonna lose this one, especially when Rogers went down but then later in the game Rogers came back and clutched Green Bay the win that’s just unbelievable putting in to consideration that we where basically getting blown out in the first half, just glad Rogers clutched a win #GoPackGo

  19. supreme kam says:

    Welp that’s Aaron Rodgers for ya🐐

    • Pj Tounas says:

      supreme kam yea Aaron Rodgers who almost gave up the game by throwing an interception to fuller

    • Chris Garrett says:

      +Pj Tounas But but but what if …just stop it he didn’t tho lol

    • we are venom says:

      aaron Rodgers is amazing just when the bears think they have the game won they lost go pack go.

    • Jack Anderly says:

      On a play where the only reason he would of got that int is cause of a collision that should of been called. Dont act like fuller made some amazing play and almost picked it off, he would of lucked into it. he threw it to his receiver, they collided and fell, fuller happens to be right there, and he couldn’t get it done.

  20. Hurley Films says:

    Rodgers is already the front runner for MVP

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