Bears vs. Ravens | NFL 2018 Hall of Fame Game Highlights

Bears vs. Ravens | NFL 2018 Hall of Fame Game Highlights

The Chicago Bears face off against the Baltimore Ravens during the 2018 Hall of Fame game.

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89 Responses

  1. Brody Reyes says:

    Good game NFL is finally back

  2. Youngkidchris says:

    Doesn’t even feel like football is here💯

  3. Jaime Garcia says:

    Kamalei Correa MVP 3 sacks and a pick

  4. Brandon 2x says:

    Game was straight but at least football back AND IK ITS JUST PRE SEASON sheesh

    • Brandon 2x says:

      Jhuncho 15 yea

    • Words of Wizdom says:

      I only saw the highlights but that looked like a hell of a game on the defense end. What 3 picks at least 2 of which were diveing catches of tipped balls and at least one fumble recovery. Those defensive types of plays are the rarest which makes them arguably the most entertaining

    • Brandon 2x says:

      Words of Wizdom at the start it was coo then it went into a big drought with a lot of over throws and dropped passes , I know it’s pre season tho

  5. That Football Guy says:

    The new helmet rule is really starting to scare me

    • FeZe Jov says:

      SangheiliWarrior concussion disease..its Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy

    • Polo Lavish says:

      SangheiliWarrior well they should be a rule that if you get 4 concussions in your career YOUR force to retire from football or keep playing and suffer the consequences later. GIVE THEM OPTIONS DON’T JUST CHANGE THE DAMN GAME

    • Revan says:

      “banning cars that go over 45 sucks, but it is for the safety of the drivers…”

      People know the risks of things they do every day, if you aren’t willing to risk common football injuries, instead of trying to change football so that you can get paid millions, go work at Mcdonalds, or actually go to college *for education* instead of to make yourself appealing to people who are gonna ask you to risk injury to make millions.

      i cannot fault anyone who doesn’t want to risk injury playing football, but they should instead do something else rather than try to change the essence of football..

      maybe they should create an alternate “flag-Football” branch for people who are unwilling to risk injury, and keep the NFL as is.

      and that isn’t even going into how rules like this make it far easier to “fix” games…


    No one is talking about how good Rg3 played

    • de72nlamont says:

      ANDREW VANSICKLE Lamar did too

    • reaper39 says:

      +Carlos C.M Im no fan of RG3 and it was against backups but even I have to admit he was throwing really well and running well for someone whos last action was 5 games in 2016 lol.

    • the youtuber says:

      RG3 #smokinthat3 #10hunnit #H3!5M4N #dawgpound lol I remember you I subbed to you a couple months ago on one of those nfl vids of the nfl highlighs lol #rg3

  7. Walkie talkie Noah says:

    Yay football is back who is excited

  8. OGMillyMillz Vs Anybody says:

    Preseason = televised scrimmage game between two teams

  9. Yasin The Filthmonster says:

    RG3 looks better than Flacco last year

  10. RG3 #smokinthat3 #10hunnit #H3!5M4N #dawgpound says:

    Perriman is trash

  11. JoJo says:

    I think NFL should only play 3 preseason games, start the season one week early, add an extra bye week for each team. We fans get more football, players get more rest, NFL still gets their ratings.

    • Coll Moll Soll says:

      Just an fyi we get less football not more

    • Chuck Deuces says:

      JoJo or 3 preseason games with a week bye before the season start. Add an extra bye week to the season and maybe remove the pro bowl game? Or make the pro bowl game a week or two after the super bowl. Current pro bowl is kind of a joke because the best teams dont have any of their players in it atm(super bowl teams dont send any of their players)

    • Mer Cee says:

      Chuck Deuces they should do the pro bowl before the superbowl the same day of the Superbowl, in the same stadium. It just would be huge. And a high rate in absenteism at work this day 😆

  12. Low Quality Highlights says:

    Javon Wims played a hell of a game

  13. Eagle says:

    Tyler Bray played good

    • Bolby Ballinger says:

      Not really. He was good throwing the ball and was great against the blitz . . . when he saw it.
      Unfortunately he has no pocket presence whatsoever. If there’s pressure coming from anywhere except directly in front of him he won’t see it until it’s too late.
      The Bears have a better backup than a lot of teams, but he’s only a good backup.

    • Lil Pump, Jr. says:

      He had two plays in KC. An incomplete pass and a fumble.

    • Ryan C says:

      Played well

    • JoeyFiveandDimes says:

      Bray was better than Daniels and played better than expected. Bellamy looking OK. Fowler, not. Wims has to be on 53 or will be claimed on waivers if Bears try to put him on PS. Star of offense was converted RT Rashad Coward, who didn’t allow a hard pressure all game in his very first action on O-line !  Mizzell and Nall have to look better or end up cut or on PS. 8 sacks by committee darn good. Fitts and Irving looking beastly.

  14. RicoSuaVe says:

    RG3 was looking good out there. Flacco could be in some trouble. On the other end, this new helmet rule is a mess, but I completely understand safety for these players is extremely important.

  15. Shahryar Choudhry says:

    I get hyped simply from hearing Ray Lewis’ voice, no matter what he’s saying.

  16. RAID3R63 says:

    The new helmet rule is a bit ridiculous. I feel like if they launch there body call it. But accidental contact is unavoidable when both players are trying to get lower than the other

  17. GoLuckyz says:

    This game wasn’t all that but I’m still pumped not just for football but for fall and winter in general

  18. Compton 187 says:

    8:06 cut the QB

    • SuperSayainJesus says:

      He had TWO wide open reads. smh

    • sean hall says:

      There was probably something specific the coach(es) were looking for in that play. Never take to heart anything that happens in preseason. The year the Lions went 0-16, guess what their preseason record was? That’s right. 4-0.

      All you can hope for in these games is specific player progression, but even then it could all be just a coach wanting to see or test some specific scenario or something to that effect.

    • King Cory says:

      Fr foe

    • RD says:

      Compton 187
      The armchair quarterbacks/madden nerds are starting up. Ahh it’s officially football season!

    • Gazella Manami says:


  19. Lucent Shadow says:

    Bye Perriman.

  20. Woojong says:

    Oh thank goodness. Football season is coming back.

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