Beasts of No Nation – Teaser Trailer – A Netflix Original Film [HD]

Beasts of No Nation – Teaser Trailer – A Netflix Original Film [HD]

Beasts of No Nation, A Netflix Original Film. When civil war tears his family apart, a young West African boy is forced to join a unit of mercenary fighters and transform into a child soldier.

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20 Responses

  1. Roelis Castillo says:


  2. daniel defor yao says:

    cant wait to watch it

  3. EyeGodZA says:


  4. Zimen Griffin says:

    Looks badass.

  5. reddit account says:

    Why did they waste bullets?

  6. Andry Malinin says:

    Трейлер *”Безродных зверей”* Кэри Фукунаги с Идрисом Эльбой про малолетних
    солдат в армии наемников одной из африканских стран.

  7. Reinold Jones says:

    Doesn’t anyone else besides me find the title of a movie about Africans
    calling them “Beasts” totally inappropriate??? WTF???

  8. Hayden Russell says:

    Should of spent the money on securing the old Top Gear crew you muppets

  9. Reinold Jones says:

    Is it just me – or is referring to Africans as beasts not totally

  10. Wallace Washington says:

    It’s maybe a Stereotype, because Africa is very very big continent, but
    damn, this trailer is just AWESOME!

  11. Gang Members says:

    Can’t wait this gone be fire !! 

  12. Taz Africa says:

    Another African movie perpetuating the stereotype of Africans to western
    people. smh

  13. Rob Peters says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  14. jacasforever says:

    no mames

  15. RazorX53 says:

    wow this is so anti-progressive. I didn’t see a single white person, nor a
    single gay couple, you should be ashamed of yourselves Netflix.

  16. Mahmudov Togrul says:

    Тизер оригинального фильма от Netflix – *Beasts of No Nation*, с Идрисом

  17. hurricanebtvs says:

    Mr. Eko the series.

  18. DubEndz says:

    Real talk tho, if you were in that boys position, would you kill him?
    I would personally chop him, even if it made me like one of them


    Is this the final cut of 2016?

  20. planesrift says:

    yeah well, if they stay in africa and still diggiin diamonds for us its
    none of our business