Beat My Speed, Win $100! (SPIKED-UP)

Beat My Speed, Win $100! (SPIKED-UP)

You asked for it, so we made it! I took my speed radar sign to the track and let people SPRINT at it!! I announce all my meet-up events here:

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36 Responses

  1. Nick Symmonds says:

    Next up: Speed Radar Sign vs PRO SPRINTERS! Probably gonna shoot that one at this year’s Prefontaine Classic. Do you think we will see someone go over 27 MPH??

  2. Derek says:

    Nick running behind the little guy to get him a speed was so nice. What a guy!

  3. Arti says:

    This guy is like the Mr beast of the fitness community.

  4. jojo jojo says:

    I like how Nick let’s his employees take part in the challenges. So kind.👍

  5. Curphew says:

    That kid just ran 24 miles/hr he’s just built different, i guess.

  6. Hentry Ronnie says:

    Love your energy and personality the most Nick!

  7. Jakde's Aesthetics and Bodybuilding says:

    Damn you have to give some of those people some fines here. They are so fast

  8. Steezy says:

    I only went 17 mph because I was in a school zone, didn’t wanna speed.

  9. TK TK says:

    Not gonna lie, watched steezy fall about 30 times. Cracks me up every time😂

    • Telegram me 👉 @Nick_Symmonds says:

      Thanks for watching and leaving a comment…

      Telegram to claim your prize 🎁……….

  10. Jordan Taylor says:

    Keep Semon out of school zones. They might pull him over.

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