Beating Minecraft’s Easter Egg Update

Beating Minecraft’s Easter Egg Update

Minecraft added infinite dimensions in april of 2020. I wanted to try and beat the game with this snapshot.


Where I get my music:
-Epidemic Sound-

The following music was used for this media project:
Music: Pumpkin Demon by WinnieTheMoog
Free download:…
License (CC BY 4.0):
Artist website:

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33 Responses

  1. rekrap2 says:


    Hope ya like the vid and have a good one!

  2. Mhamed Bakkas says:

    Just when you thought Minecraft content couldn’t get any more creative and innovative, you see content like this

  3. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    rek you never failed to make me proud when you upload, keep up the great content.

  4. TheUndisputed One says:

    This was by far the most entertaining 18 minutes I had watching Minecraft content.

  5. NinaLSM says:

    You inspire me to be a better storyteller! So good!

  6. Meeval Shine says:

    “Do you guys hear that? There’s no sound in this dimension!”

    Yes. Indeed.

  7. Aidan Drewry says:

    Each video rek posts I am always like
    “Wow!! There’s no way he can do this any better”
    And then one week later the cycle repeats

  8. zeropoint70 says:

    rekrap is unironically best MCYTer of all time, and I know everyone says that, but his personality is just so bright and optimistic

  9. Benjamin H. says:

    Honestly this look like so much fun, I might just have to try it out! Great video!

  10. Arthur Wu says:

    I really love the new and unique challenge ideas you come up with, I started watching you because of Echocraft and Lifesteal but this new content is amazing and also fresh! Keep up the good work!

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