Beating the HARDEST LEVEL in Ultimate Chicken Horse

Beating the HARDEST LEVEL in Ultimate Chicken Horse

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Beating the IMPOSSIBLE Level in Ultimate Chicken Horse

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34 Responses

  1. Harbisonel says:

    Socks trying to speak polish and german is so good.

  2. Martin Gladh says:

    When Blaza blew up the stairs and Ally replaced it got me laughing like an kangaroo on drugs and when Blaza said GOD DAMMIT made me laugh even harder!!

  3. Jmc says:

    W socks for continuing to make videos through his situations, keep it up man.

  4. Torfikk says:

    its funny how socks out of nowhere start to speak polish

  5. Icegond says:

    They finally played Ultimate Chicken Horse again.

  6. Orca 4 says:

    So glad you started playing this, I’ve been playing this for so long, and i hope we see more content like this. Plus, I would recommend: gangbeasts, stick fight, and there is like a small indie building game called trailmakers, where you basically build just random crap

  7. ItzFlapz says:

    This guy is a legend 😄

  8. Jaell Vlogs says:

    I love how they make the video so good good job socks 👏

  9. “El1zabeth.” says:

    When Socks starts to speak another language out of nowhere,
    Ally really went: What the hell is this man saying??

  10. Paul Arredondo says:

    Hello socks, everyone is so happy that u are back and I hope y’all are having a nice time. Thanks for making a lot of my days happy

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