Beautiful Aerial Wedding Photograhy

Beautiful Aerial Wedding Photograhy

So… I filmed a wedding last weekend. Using this drone:


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18 Responses

  1. rafa1215 says:

    I filmed a beautiful wedding last weekend (15 seconds)

  2. vga1232 says:

    Easy there with the volume you fucking tranny.

  3. Player Ready? says:

    I all sorts of shit myself.

  4. Arthur Peterson says:

    God I hate the music. Great video though.

  5. Gorevet says:

    The gorillas got it again!

  6. AngryCentaurGaming says:

    That is brilliant lol

  7. Steve Hill says:

    Oh man, that was hilarious. Thanks for that.

  8. BecomingBeautiful83 says:

    This was the cherry on top of my day. Thank you so much OP I can’t stop
    laughing lol 

  9. Jia Wu says:

    Name of music?

  10. Ray Dreamer says:

    That flying drown was so funny . I think it could of ended with the piano
    making some bad crash sounds ; )

  11. Anna Banana says:

    Watch until the end

  12. capt snafu says:

    this was actually filmed by m night shyamalan. what a twist

  13. Phillip Morris says:


  14. Josh Molleur says:

    Still laughing

  15. Penny Muckleroy says:

    I thought this was really neat and something you could do. Just an idea

  16. James Coleman says:

    This was hilarious 

  17. Samir Suhail says:

    At least it didn’t hit them lol

  18. Reddit Watchdog says: