Beauty and the Beast – Lindsey Stirling

Beauty and the Beast – Lindsey Stirling

Check out a day in the life of Belle on tour

The beautiful wig was from
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20 Responses

  1. Dashdragon says:

    Beautiful song…but as a trombonist, the way that dude was hamfisting one made me cringe everytime.

  2. grubaskov says:

    Lindset gettin old, look at her face ;_; 1:24

  3. Soundwaves NJ says:

    *Song of a 2017! for a sure.!*

    *I’ll remix this <3*

  4. Michi M. says:

    I was on this concert in Berlin and It’s was amazing,really.And i happy to be in your video. Thank you Lindsey. You are awesome!

  5. Игорь Лукаш says:

    is shee … a kettle ?

  6. TheTclyon69 says:

    Je vais bientôt la voir à Lyon ?????? cocorico ! Qui viendra ???

  7. Luiz Felipe says:

    I miss when Lindsey used to do an outro, maybe one day she’ll do it again

  8. Baby Beerus -GodOfDestruction says:

    this video makes me want to go see the movie

  9. Katrina Jackson says:

    Is it bad that since I don’t know half the original lyrics I was singing Paint’s in my head.

  10. msrjh3 says:

    Do you love David Bowie and Labyrinth?? Watch this:
    Sarah and Jareth ~ Beauty and the beast ~ Labyrinth 2017 Fanfic HD

  11. Harris Boekenheide says:

    My mom a few weeks ago: “you know who I think would’ve been a better choice for Belle in the live action Beauty and the Beast? That violin girl you like”

  12. Circé Bonacchi says:

    where did you get the blue dress I NEED IT

  13. Cassie Rippon says:

    Oh my gosh, I loved this!!! ? Lindsey, you could literally be Belle at the Disney parks- you’re so beautiful (as always)! ? You did such a great job on this medley- the band was great too! ? Keep it up, Lindsey- you inspire people and your music is always touching others’ lives! I love you- KSLL!!! ❤
    P.S. Where did you get your Belle dress???

  14. Alec Chambers says:

    Lindsey, we should do a video together. 🙂

  15. Erin Spencer says:

    I’m so confused… They could afford to rent instruments and train people to pretend to play them, but not to pay actual musicians to come in?? If you actually play these instruments the people look ridiculous! Sorry, flute guy. At least your hands are on the right keys.

  16. Nightman221k says:

    Lindsey makes a more fitting Belle in my opinion then Emma Watson. Her smile is a lot more cute and honest.

  17. Amy Pierce says:

    pretty cool

  18. Catherine Thomas says:

    Was that a teacup dress…?

  19. Alain Bruno says:

    The violin fascinates me ??

  20. Jonathan Davies says:

    This is that girl from the videos who likes to eat cereal.

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