Beauty Battle ft. My Favorite Makeup Artists

Beauty Battle ft. My Favorite Makeup Artists

HI SISTERS! Welcome back to another episode of Beauty Battles! This episode is featuring two of my FAVORITE young artists, SnatchedByJake & MakeupByRiquelle! They’re new influencers but are insanely talented and I think are the future of the industry. Enjoy and don’t forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!


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EDITOR: Louis & Anthony Gargiula


GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

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64 Responses

  1. Kimberly Michele says:

    That chick can be a brand owner I see it mark my word

  2. Kyla Danielle says:

    *i always knew james had secret kids…😂*

  3. 80lynn says:

    You should have a professional special effects person try basic makeup on one side and on the other you could have a beauty guru do special effects 😆

  4. Hey it's Noah says:

    HEY SISTERS!! who else does not wear makeup, but watches James because he is so entertaining?❤❤❤💕💕💕
    woot! !!!

    HEY SISTERSSS check out my sister squad audition video? It needs views for James to see <3 <3 <3 !!!!
    woot woot

  5. Edward Gracey says:

    Legit thought the thumbnail was James and Ian 😂😂

    Turns out it’s not

  6. pearl //thangg says:

    Aww yall are such a great trio💜Thank god for having you to literally inspire so many people to UNLEASH THEIR INNER ARTIST😇 Love u the most sister!

  7. Bingo Tingo says:

    Petition for Barbie to make a James doll 😚 please do a beauty battle w/ Jenna and Julien!!

  8. Hayley Marie says:

    wait i wanna see ethan and grayson’s photos from the shoot!!

  9. Jendippity says:

    I love that James is such an advocate for getting smaller artists attention. It makes my insides all warm and bubbly. Love him!

  10. Kelsi Davies says:

    *James, I love how your eyes squint when you smile, you’re the cutest!!*

  11. Kelsi Davies says:

    *why hasn’t Shane done a docuseries on James?! Who else would watch that!*

  12. Kelsi Davies says:

    *James is 19, has his own home, a career, and more… i’m 21 and I just found out that I grew up eating Chuck E. Cheese recycled pizza.*

  13. Faithfully Golden says:

    Both amazing but Riquelle’s is my favorite. I love her gorgeous color choices and seemless blending. Two fierce talents for sure!

  14. Coralie Anne says:

    Do any other small YouTubers always get inspired to film after watching James? Because ME!

  15. Gacha Hybrid Studio says:

    The title I saw was beauty battle ft. My kids

  16. Emily Hellens says:

    I love Riquelles personality she seems down to earth ❤️

  17. ASMRShortbread says:

    Seriously, with these makeup skills, they are both winners!

  18. Xø Queen says:

    *Am I the Only one who can’t do* *any of James Charles make-up* *Looks* 😢😢

  19. PrincessAlexaLaboy says:

    I love both of them looks, but I’m leaning more towards the colorful rainbow 🌈 colors. ✨💖👍🏼

  20. Pink Purple says:

    James : are you single?
    Jake : yes
    James : same


    Like this if you’re single

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