Bebe Rexha – I’m A Mess (Official Music Video)

Bebe Rexha – I’m A Mess (Official Music Video)

NEW SINGLE OUT NOW & Debut Album ‘Expectations’ Out Now:

Video Directed by: Sophie Muller

Connect with Bebe:

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59 Responses

  1. Bebe Rexha says:

    I have been very vocal and honest about my ongoing struggle with anxiety and depression. I wanted to create a video and song that expressed my truth. This video is a celebration of me finally being able to accept my imperfections. I’m okay with not being okay all the time. If you feel alone or lost please know you are not, and you are loved.❤️

  2. stefan says:


  3. Deborah Gomes says:

    Algum Brasileiro ?? ❤🇧🇷 Bebe Rexha te amo 😍❤❤❤🎼🎼🎼🎼

  4. Luiz Eduardo says:

    Brazilians Here? 🇧🇷

  5. Vinicius Santos says:

    Bebe deserves recognition

  6. Hello Sweet says:

    #9 em alta no Brasil 🇧🇷 i Love you Bebe ❤

  7. skandolust says:

    before 1M

  8. ShowTime says:

    I have a lot of respect for Bebe for making a song where she’s talking about her mental illness

  9. Max Minhtet says:

    Wow! Halfway to a million!

  10. Volkan ateş says:

    She just sounds like an autotune lol

    • Ashlee Bates says:

      Volkan ateş shut the fuck up you hear her live bitch

    • Kiko D says:

      Ashlee Bates try reading the comments first and then criticising and calling people names. They literally just said that they didn’t know what her real voice sounds like. No need to be a butthurt fan and being all aggressive

    • Kiko D says:

      Ashlee Bates relax sis

    • Lol Right says:

      As a long time fan of bebe, trust me she’s good love too. I think all singers can use however much autotune in their songs as they want in their songs as long as they’re good live

    • Raghu Vamsi Krishna says:

      Ashlee Bates YouTube pro tip : Don’t go through the comments, if you’ve already did so, then go through the thread, once before releasing the trigger. 👍

  11. Malikah Hanif says:

    Ur perfect no matter what Bebe ! You’ll be my favourite no matter what ! DAY 1 GIRL ❤️

  12. Kory Mann says:


  13. Flo Rta says:

    #1 on trending ( In youtube and in my head ) Obsessed !

  14. Lauren Plant says:

    #1 on trending 💗😍😍😍

    • Alan Watts as an Incel says:

      I’m 82 years old and I think because the Night King gave Bran an ice burn when he grabbed him, that means that Bran will go back into the past and become a tiny little flame and be accidentally blown out by the Children of the Night during Christmas dinner.

    • Fragile Badger says:

      Alan Watts as an Incel : I completely disagree. Bran is completely resistant to ice burns. Also the moon wasn’t aligned with the sap so yeah you’re wrong.

    • Mr. God says:

      Fragile Badger no i think bran is going to suck night kings dick

  15. Annelise Jr says:

    #1 on trending girl!!! Congratulations!!

  16. Pop Music says:

    1988 – Kylie Minogue
    1998 – Britney Spears
    2008 – Lady Gaga
    2018 – Bebe Rexha

  17. Faustine De Midgard says:

    Finally a song that describes me x)

  18. The Person says:

    1:05 it’s like they listen to “never gonna give you up”

  19. D Ramos says:

    *Why do people Want to hide their Depression* ?

    • talyssa rowe says:

      D Ramos because it’s something you don’t tell anyone

    • Lol Right says:

      I have depression, and I’ve never told anyone IRL about it. I say it on the internet alot because I’m anonymous here, but the reason me personally I don’t talk about my depression is because depression is a personal and private thing to me. Just like you wouldn’t usually tell people about other private things I don’t like sharing my depression.

  20. Mozart Valdez says:

    Earth 👽 If you like feel good edm music then you might wanna read this… When life gets rough there’s always that one thing we as humans can go back to and feel like everything is alright. In my opinion that thing is good music. There have been so many days before when I was younger where everything seemed so overwhelmingly negative… Like there was no light at the end of my tunnel. But then I started listening to my idols, marshmello and zedd included, and somehow it made me feel some sort of way… Almost like a hope entered into my life. At that moment I knew what my dream in life was.

    I wanted to make music like my favorite artists. I knew I’d never be able to even afford a keyboard so it stayed a dream, buried deep inside me never to see the light of day. Until now that is. Here I am few years later and I’m making the music I’d always look for but never could find. This journey in my life has been amazing… And I want to help people feel the same way by listening to the music I create… I wanna be able to make memories for other people. I want people to hear my music and let it change your day for the better! That’s why I started making music. 🌌They’re not your typical dance tracks. My songs are flooded with emotion and vibes.

    They’re very spacey and futuristic. They make you feel like your life is part of something bigger, almost like your being whisked away to another galaxy… I’m not trying to boast. I’m just trying to help you all feel good vibes. And in 2018, I think alot more people need that. If you could help me out by checking my songs it would mean so much. I promise you won’t regret it. Thank you for being one of my first fans if you choose to listen. 🙏 I’ll forever remember the first people who supported me… <3

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