Because he can [12 seconds]

Because he can [12 seconds]

Cats are jerks, man.

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18 Responses

  1. Dominic Levy says:

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  3. Pola Grzanka says:

    Hello, I work for Reuters and saw this video. Did you film this? It’s very
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  4. mini5531 says:

    One track mind !

  5. Horrendous Troll says:

    i fucking hate cats

  6. matesc e. says:

    167k views in one day, wow

  7. Amelia Howard says:

    Holy shit.

  8. Jimmy T says:

    This is why I fucking hate cats.

  9. TheSlayPlay Bo1 Bo2 Bo3 And More says:

    Timmy F U

  10. TheSlayPlay Bo1 Bo2 Bo3 And More says:

    Its 11 Sec

  11. Julie J says:

    I didn’t chose the thug life. The thug life chose me!!!!

  12. Ruben Aguilar says:

    Well that was a CATastrophe .

  13. Lundon Williams says:


  14. Erin Connolly says:

    the title makes no sense ‘.’

  15. Ahmed Ghazwan Composer says:

    “You think you’re safe ?!?! You’re Never Safe !!!”. >;-D

  16. Chuck Turner says:

    What would the cat do if the door had been locked?

  17. BKF666 says:

    Yup my cats do the same with the basement door. Also for some reason they
    open the doors to cabinets where the pots/pans are…. then look at me….

  18. The Wizard (Of New Zealand) says:

    Door Opening Cat For President