Becky Lynch attacks Stephanie McMahon: Raw, Feb. 4, 2019

Becky Lynch attacks Stephanie McMahon: Raw, Feb. 4, 2019

After Stephanie McMahon implores Becky Lynch to be evaluated by a doctor before WrestleMania, The Man strikes.


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71 Responses

  1. Mxo Mzanywa says:

    Maaaan Becky is so over it’s not even funny anymore

  2. siddharth radhakrishnan says:

    What’s up with all those people who say Becky couldn’t even beat Asuka ?!! FFS asuka is not a nobody. She is probably the best in ring performer WWE has today. Losing to asuka is nothing to be ashamed about.

  3. Samuel Ortiz says:

    Hey everyone, remember when vince mcmahon pulled this same stunt on stone cold with his neck injury back in 97? History does repeat itself.

  4. apere431 says:

    I wonder if this is setting up a new feud between Stephanie and Becky similar to Stone Cold vs. Mr. McMahon?

  5. Pranesh Pyara Shrestha says:

    Stone Cold Steve Austin !!

    • The Unbeatable says:

      Lol scsa doesn’t pull back his punches and touch boss

    • Gungun Sharma says:

      Ur serious? Nah dude, She is nowhere near Stone Cold cuz he’s the biggest badass human on planet…ye, u can say that she is a star but she tryhards to be a badass..Tho, I like Becky

    • The Guy You're Going to Ban says:

      +Gungun Sharma they just mean that they’re copying the same storyline when Austin stunned Vince for the first time, the issues were the same, Vince wouldn’t allow Austin to wrestle with his broken neck

    • Adrian Hernandez.J says:

      Its a shame that you have the undisputed era as your profile pic

  6. Reece Clive says:


    • Rubi Sloan says:

      ??? *WAN9T ME? LO7OK, I MASTBATE NAK9ED,снеск9 VIDеО.* ?‍?

    • Ronald Covington jr says:

      Doesn’t this remind you of Stone Cold and he was a fan favorite the whole time. That’s what they’ve been doing Becky Lynch or she turned on Flair. The fans have been rooting for ever since.

    • MarkusFeindt says:

      Justice Avengers Dude she had too many shots at titles all bc she’s a Flair and skilled ok she should take a break from main events tho so at least other people get a chance tho

    • Yandere Chan says:

      +Bhavya Shah aaa vna

  7. Damn Good says:

    *The man beating the man’s wife*

  8. Sujoy Chakravarthi says:

    A black t-shirt clad badass with a knee-brace who has all the fans behind her beating up a McMahon? I’m getting 1998 flashbacks because the apparently Attitude Era is back!

  9. its katya says:

    Becky:one attack a day keeps the doctor away

  10. Victor Salazar says:


    • Nick Pollard says:

      She will be I’m sure, but WWE refuse to keep Charlotte out of the proceedings, despite the fact that she is almost completely irrelevant. Charlotte might have a personal beef with Ronda for shoving over the ladder at TLC and leading Asuka to get the championship, but plot-wise, she has no reason to be anywhere near the title. She lost the Royal Rumble and isn’t the No. 1 Contender. End of. It sticks out like a sore thumb as they try and shoehorn her back in. We’ve known for a year that WWE wanted Rousey/Charlotte for WM35, and they are going to demote Lynch to being an underdog so that she can find her way back in for it to be a triple threat as a compromise. See Daniel Bryan getting into the main event at WM30, but even then, Batista actually WON the Rumble.

  11. Glenn Bill says:

    Only in WWE could you beat up your boss and still have a job ?

  12. Gears Of Arkham says:

    Becky: I appreciate the fact that you and the WWE care. I also appreciate the fact, that hell, ….. YOU CAN KISS MY LASS!!!!!

  13. jacquan brewton says:

    That one track in Becky’s hair was very distracting.I kept looking at it. Lol

  14. RYAN HANNAFORD says:

    Can’t think of another wwe woman who is/has been as ‘over’ as Becky is right now! And I’m so happy for her

    • Terrion Gordon says:

      Sasha got over because they weren’t putting her in matches so we got we want Sasha chants until they got Sasha

    • Justice Avengers says:

      Sasha Banks was the hottest over the top brass ring grabbing performer in the women’s division of all time. WWE failed to push her after Charlotte moved to Smack down and then she was injured. After she healed and came back Ronda had entered the seen. Such a shame really considering she is light years better than Ronda.

  15. Kelvin Austin says:

    Vince had Austin, Stephanie has Becky.. Never stopped them from competing.. ??

  16. Juliâ I МАSTURBÃТЕ WАTСН VIDЕ0 says:

    Becky is a STAR!

  17. Juliâ I МАSTURBÃТЕ WАTСН VIDЕ0 says:

    Cold Steve Austin playbook!!

  18. ShadowRealmFox says:

    *Becky attacking Stephanie pleases me greatly….. also PLEASE DO NOT add Charlotte to this match, PLEASE!*

  19. Syed Subhan says:

    Beckys such a badass and shes so hot omg

  20. Craps Malloy says:

    This is exactly how Vince McMahon got his first Stone Cold Stunner, and Stephanie just stood there and let history repeat itself.

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