Becky Lynch chooses Ronda Rousey as her WrestleMania opponent: Raw, Jan. 28, 2019

Becky Lynch chooses Ronda Rousey as her WrestleMania opponent: Raw, Jan. 28, 2019

After winning the 30-Woman Royal Rumble Match, The Man appears on Raw to announce that she will face the Raw Women’s Champion at The Show of Shows.

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64 Responses

  1. Sykelone says:

    Jesus christ, Ronda. That promo was stellar.

  2. Sarvesh Pandey says:

    1:31 onlike Seth Rollins (unlike Seth Rollins sounds correct)

  3. Brian Cheng says:

    When Ronda is mad, she cuts the best promos. The key is getting her mad.

  4. CUBE stan LIGHT says:

    My Smackdown heart is breaking.

  5. Bishal Kumar says:

    Ronda stole it with words ??

  6. Nathan Torrance says:

    She couldn’t beat Asuka, but she is supposed to beat Ronda. yeah ok

  7. kc 3182x says:

    That was ONE ruthless Ronda!!

  8. Anthony Washington says:

    Becky Lynch really got under the skin of Ronda. This feud is getting HOT!!!

    • James Wayne says:

      Anthony Washington its all fake she didn’t get under Rhonda skin its a script so let me in on little secret Becky will beat Rhonda for the belt because it’s in the script but in real life the world knows becky wouldnt last 1 round with Rhonda but it’s all about the money the women are trying to get their on 2 hour show on thur night from 9-11 with Becky and Rhonda leading the way it’s gping to happen this fight will be bloody

    • Steamy Stylish says:

      +James Wayne it maybe scripted but this looked real

    • Winndell Johnson says:

      Becky Lynch is the man that’s why

  9. Hands Down Hockey says:

    The crowd ruined this segment.

  10. Desiraee Riggs says:

    This was prolly the best promo I’ve ever seen from Ronda

  11. MUSIC REVERSED says:

    Actually, it’s true that they’re at the same age! Ronda was born two days after Becky was born

  12. michele sanon says:

    Ronda fan

  13. stashnites says:

    becky vs ronda for wrestlemania main event

  14. Jalon Copeland says:

    “I’ll break your face faster than you can say Nia Jax!” Jesus!!!!

  15. VaughnJogVlog says:

    Becky has a great voice for talking smack.

  16. jack2016 says:

    Gadamm becky is stone cold level over. The booos on ronda.
    This match has to be stone cold vs bret hart level

  17. KingsReign1598 YS says:

    Its like ronda rousey is brock lesnar vs the man becky lych is the man seth rollins WOW wwe ??? ( THE BEASTS OR THE BADDEST IN THE PLANET VS THE MANS )

  18. Pranjal Choudhary says:

    Women’s division is doing better than the Mans.

  19. JOHN CENA says:

    RONDA ???❤❤

  20. Antman Games says:

    Everyone loves Becky, Ronda can’t compete with her, they are both good, but Becky is just more popular when it comes to the both of them. Wrestlemania is gonna be good!

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