BECOMING GIANT IN POPPY PLAYTIME!!! (Crazy Mod) | Poppy Playtime Gameplay (Mods)

BECOMING GIANT IN POPPY PLAYTIME!!! (Crazy Mod) | Poppy Playtime Gameplay (Mods)


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BECOMING GIANT IN POPPY PLAYTIME!!! (Crazy Mod) | Poppy Playtime Gameplay (Mods)

What’s up MA DUDES!!!! How is it going today? Today we are going to be playing Poppy Playtime with the GIANT MOD!!! We are becoming GIANT in Poppy Playtime as we can now scale how big our player is! Which means HUGGY WUGGY RUNS AWAY FROM US!!! Now we can do whatever we want in the game and mess around as we play the game differently! This is another amazing mod by my buddy Kokosko and we have so much in store for you for future updates, mods, and even chapter 2 mods! With this mod, we can become giant, do out of map glitches, and find secret areas in Poppy Playtime. Let’s have some fun breaking the game as we hack our way into modded Poppy Playtime! Let’s see what happens when we mod Poppy Playtime to BECOME GIANT!!! Enjoy.

#dakblake #poppyplaytime #huggywuggy

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Video Edited By: Kirara Lala
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Amazing Mod By Kokosko
Channel Link:

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Songs by Kevin Macleod

Ending: Back Again by LEMMiNO

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23 Responses

  1. ItzKevGaming says:

    He makes my day whenever he uploads!

  2. dakblake says:

    Haha I don’t know why he’s so adorable when he is small!

    Even with all of those sharp teeth haha.

  3. CLOAKED rp says:

    He looked sad when he walks away 😢

  4. Fox McCloud says:

    Next time you should try to scale Huggy using negative numbers instead of 0.1

  5. Animal Lover says:

    Honestly i love these videos of yours😂

  6. Logan B says:

    This was a crazy adventure, and I loved it.

  7. Cake sniffer gaming says:

    Dak: This is my food in the sky
    Huggy wuggy: can I have some
    Dak: nnnnnnoooooo !!!!!

  8. saturn says:

    HUGGY WUGGY IS 13 FT TALL HOW TALL ARE YOU IN THE GAME?! (Edit) hes 26 if hes double the height of huggy, huggy is 13 ft in height originally.

  9. Ashley Fairbairn says:

    It made me laugh so much when huggy wuggy just walked up to u like a baby

  10. Candace Harrod says:

    Hes supposed to be scary but when he’s tiny he’s adorable.

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