Becoming Pikachu

Becoming Pikachu

“Acting is behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances” – Sanford Meisner.

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76 Responses

  1. Chad Daddy says:

    Blake: We are having a divorce
    Ryan: Pika Pika!

  2. yung choqquit says:

    *After eating a steady regiment of thunderstones, Ryan was finally ready to act his part*

  3. BobaFett MTB says:


  4. Kn F says:

    Now watch everyone name there pikachu Ryan Reynolds

    • Julie Weinand says:

      That’s been a thing since Let’s Go

    • Brachmin Dunsparce says:

      +xXRabbitSnipezXx Yeah, imagine that! A game where you could have your partner pikachu with you forever, with functions that form a bond with them. They could even make the pikachu stronger than average, get exclusive moves, and replace HMs with cute skills. The name would have to be something friendly and cute and casual, as if you were saying it to the pikachu. Maybe, like, idk, “Let’s Go, Pikachu.” I hope that gets made and released mid November.

    • NobodyLikesYouAnd Nobody says:

      +Brachmin Dunsparce lol

    • samualwatkins says:

      Wait, do you guys not already do that? Am I the only one who has been doing that that since Yellow?

    • Modest Leviathan says:

      Omg yes!

  5. FRAX IBERO says:

    You’re *DEADPOOL* and *Pikachu* ??
    Seriously ??


  6. TheDragonaf1 says:

    0:12 – Can someone just explain to me how the fuck a human can be that good looking??

  7. Prashant Prasad says:

    Why did Detective Pikachu post a video on Ryan Reynolds YouTube channel? Am I crazy or was that just a video of Pikachu and Ryan’s wife Blake?

    • Imran Shafiq says:

      YouTubing Sensational and what the hell is wrong with you

    • YouTubing Sensational says:

      +Imran Shafiq suck my dick bitch

    • YouTubing Sensational says:

      +Imran Shafiq fuck you Indian cramp fucking hoe bitch

    • BabySammie92 says:

      +YouTubing Sensational so uh someone’s angry and taking it out on random strangers on the internet. I hope you’re able to take a few moments to breath and collect your emotions. Not everyone is yet able to control their feelings, but it doesn’t mean that you’re not capable of it. We’re not animals ruled by pure raw emotions.

    • The Cricket says:

      YouTubing Sensational Who hurt you today? Have a seat, let’s talk. Open up dude. It’s unhealthy to keep all those negative emotions locked in.

  8. Ysckemia says:

    Ryan Reynolds, from a green lantern to a red immortal clown, to a yellow electric rat… are you gonna try every colors of the rainbow?

  9. GodFather says:

    I came here expecting Ryan Reynolds acting like pikachu, was not disapointed

  10. Puddi Panda says:

    How electrifying :3

  11. Hammad Ali says:

    Deadpool is so meta at breaking the 4th wall that he broke the 4th wall to play the actor that plays him to play pikachu. That’s 4x4x4, 64, walls broken.

  12. zweieuropfand says:

    Some fathers leave their kids for cigarettes… Ryan Reynolds leaves the kids for being Pikachu

  13. Someone You Don't Know says:

    “You don’t choose the pikachu life, the pikachu life chooses you.”

  14. Stay Frosty Bra says:

    “We’re not going.”

    Pretty much sums up my parents mood when I compete in an extra-curricular activity

  15. Unicorn Ashley! says:

    “Pika Pika, heh just me”
    – Ryan Reynolds

  16. -jon hopper- says:

    When she said “we’re not going” I cackled so hard

  17. HENRY THE RC CAR says:

    To become the Pikachu, you have to first become the Deadpool. But to become the Deadpool, you have to first become the Green Lantern. But to become the Green Lantern, you to first become the Ryan Reynolds.

  18. Justin Arney says:

    Until the doctor’s intervened….

    Im sorry im dying of laughter already

  19. TurtleBoy Comedy says:

    Did you guys understand any of that? All I heard was “pika pika”


    • Sailor PokeMoon2 says:

      Maybe you should watch the video again but this time with the captions on? Maybe the captions can translate what he had said?

  20. FuturisticHub says:

    If you really want to become Pikachu, you first need to get struck by lightning. Go outside in a thunderstorm and hold up a big metal pole. Ask your parents for permission first, kids.

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